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.~ . 7/Je Epi(Ue ~dicatory. , teacheth us what we are, and what we fuall b~: Should Chrijf, the Condition of Affairs we are now in, the ExccUmcy of Free-Grace, be feen in all their own Luftre and Dye, we fhould lea:n m~ch Wifd~m fi·om thef: Three : Chrift fpeederh lmle tn_ conqHermg ot Lovers, Becaufe we have not pen his Shape at any Time, we l<Ook not upon Chrift, but upon the Accider.ts that ~re bef1de Chrift ; and thet·efore few efteem Chrift a rtch Pennyworth : Bur. there i~ not a Rofe out of Heaven, but there is a Blot and Thorn growino- out of ,it, ex~ c;ept that one only Rofe of Shm·on, whid1 blo!Tometh out Glory ; every Le:.f of the Rofct is a Heaven, a?d ferveth for the healing of the Nations ; every Whtte and Re~ in it is ih,comparable Glory ; every Act of Breathing out its Smell, fi'om e'Vel'lajling to e'Ve-rlnjling, is fpotlds and unmixed Hap.pinefs. Cbrift is the Outfer, the Mafter-flower, the uncreated Garland of Heaven, the Love aad Toy of Men and AngelS : But the Fountain-love, the Fountain-delight, the Fountain~ joy of Men and 'Angels is more ; tor out of it flovteth all the Seas, Springs1 Rivers and Floods of Love:. Delight and Joy: Imagine all the Rain and Dew, Seas, Founrains and Floods fince the Creation were in one Cloud, , and thefe multiplied in Meafqres, for Number,to manyMillions of Millions,and then divid-, ed in Drops of Showers to an anfwerabie Number 1 of Men a.1d Angels; this fhould be a created Shower,and end in a certail! Period of Time ; and this huge Cloud of fo many Rmm and drops iliould dry up, and rain no more,: But we cannot conceive fo of Chrift ; for if we fhould imagine Millions of ~{en and Angels to have a co . eter~al dependent Exifrence with Chri.ft, and , they eternally m the ACt of receiving Grac'e for Grate out e( his Fulr1eft; the Flux and Hfue ofGrace :fhould beeternal!.. as ~hrfji is ; for Chrift cannot tire or weary ' from .t.termty to be Chrifl, and fo he muft nor : He cannot hut be an infinite and eternal flowino- Sea -to diffufe and let out St!"eams and Floods ofboundlefs Grace ; fay that-fhe Role we1·e eternal, the fweet Smell the·Loveline!i of Greennef.s ai;ld Colour muft be eter~ .7 ~ nal~