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SE RM. 4 Triumph of Faith 2' the World, are, for this Cawfe, ( becaufe they eat' and drink unworthily) fick, and punifhed with Death. Y. 30, 3 2, ·33· 'Tis clear agcrinft the Text that Mr. 'iO ~, faith, Tbat a .fuflified Pcrfon, having the leaj Jl1eafure of Faith, cannot eaJ and drink un'it·ort bi~y, theJmallejl Faith maket.h them worthy; a11d fo tbofe :zt1ho, in that Text, 4ul eat un~rorthity, diJ but r/aJly with the Go(pel, anrJ never a8uatly put on Cbrifl: But Faith doth no more hinqer a juftified Perfon to receive the Lord's Supper unworthily, than it doth hinder him to commit Adultery, or Incefi:, or to · kill : And whofoever fhould corn~ to the Lord's Table, under thefe Sins, without repenti~J.g, fhould eat and drink unworthily; and fucb a Sin may a Believer according to G<.')d's Heart ( ai Vavid was) commit: And there is great Odds between being JIDWOrthy, and eating unworthily: All Belie,'ers, · of themfelves, are unworthy of Chrift and Salva- / tion, but being in Chrift by Faith,· they are . counted worthy; and yet they may eat and drink llnworthily. But Mr. 'IOwne's Senfe feen..eth to carry, That a juftified Pedon cannot fin, nor eat and drink unworthily, becaufe Faith maketh him worthy: And if i(>, the Way of Gra'e is a wanton merry Way; the J ufi:ified are freed from the I~aw and from any Danger of finning. 3· Nothing more evident, than that qjaviJ was punifhed according to the Rule of that mixed and-fatherly Jufi:ice, which keeps a due Pro- ~rtion betweeE . the Sin and the Punilhment: I His Sin was, to c:ut off Uriah's Houie ou( of -J.f raet; God fendeth the Sword againft hi~ Houfe all his Days :· He took another Man's Wife fetrctly, aRd did commit Filthinefs with her; the Lori ' I