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,; b. . . The Trtal a11d SERMJ 4 Lord took his Wives, before. the Sun, and gave them to Abfalom, who defiled his Bed, 2 Sam~ 12. Eli honO'ured his Sons more ·than God, iuffered them to prpfane Priefthood and Sacrifices ; J uftice rooted out his Sons from Pri~fthood and Sacrifices; Hezekiah, out of his Pride, fbewed all his Treafures, and all that was in his Houfe, to the King of Ylabyton's Metfengers; and J uftice meafured out the like to him: All that was in his Houfe, and ·all his Treafures, were carried away as a Spoil td Ylabylon. . . 4· Ezek. 9· 6. Slay old and young---begin at my .fonc1uary. Luke I. 20. And behotd, thou foaJt be dumb----becaufe thou betie·veft not my Word. The Church of God, in terminis .faith fo much, Lam. I. 18. cihe Lord is Righteous, for I have rebelled ~tgain(t J;is Commandment. V. :q. Tke J'Oke of my tranjgreffion is bound by his Hand; they are wreathed, and come up upon my neck. Chap. 3· 39• Wherefore doth a living m.1n complain, a man for the punijhment of his fin? V. 40. Let us fearch and try our Ways, and turn ar,ain to the Lord. Ifa. 43· 24. JFho gave .7acob for a fpoit, and If raeJ to tloe robbfrs? 7Jid not th~ Lord again.ft whom ~ve ha-ve finned? Micah 7. 9· I <zt'itt bear the indi7,11ation of tbe LGrd, becauje .l have fin-· ned. 2. Kings 24. zo. For through the Anger of the Lord it came to pafs in .7eruJatem and Yudah, until he !Jad cafl them out from bis 'Prefonce, that Zedtkia/9 rebelled againft the king of Yiakvlon. 3Tis not of Weight that is brought to take off the Force of thefe pregnant Script'ures. 'I'he Church confiftivg of mixed Perfins, good and bad, BtefJ and Reprobate, (fay they) is, accordingto the 1-t~ickecl Party, punijhed in J aftice, but not the beli~v-_ ing