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SERM. 3 Triumph of Faith. . 3 t ing- Party. But I anfwer, All Judah, good ·and ~ll, :Jeremiah, q)aniet and all the holy Seed were mvolv~d, with perverfe and obftinate Idolaters, in the famecomrnon Calamity of a fad Capti-.ity: And 'twas not the ill f<'igs, and ftiff-neck'd Idolaters, that did confefs the L4• .1rd's Righteoufr.efs, and their own Rebellion ~gainfl: th.e Lord; _nor did the wicked Party enter into a Trtal of thetr Ways, and acknowledge that the unregenerate Man only fuffer- ~th for his !>ins; nor did any of that Side, with Patience, Hope, and Silence, bear the Indignation of the Lord : 'Twas the true Church, God's :fa• cob, the Meek of the Earth, that did thus fioop to God's Correction; and yet tbefe fame were punifht:d for their Sins, as they acknowledge, Lam. I. 1 8. Mic. 7· 9· I 5. This is alfo againft the Covenant, and Threat- I nings thereof, Le·v. 26. 21. And if ye walk contrar_x to me, and will not he~trken to me, I will bring [even times more plaf!,ues on you; to V. 41. If then (in their heavy affiiBions) their uncircumcifecl Hearts be humbled,. anr! they then accept of the punijhment of their iniquity. V. 42. 'Ihen wiU I remember my covenant with Jacob. Pfal. 99· 30. If his chitdrenforfake my La•w, and watk not in m.Y :Judgments, &c. V. 32. Then witt I vifit their '!Lranjgre(Jions with tloe rod, and their iniquity with ftripes. V. 53· Ne·verthele/s, my toving-kindnefs wilt I not utterly take from him, &c. Nothing more ~vident, !han that thefewho are in the Covenant ofGrace, from whom God cannot remove the fure .mercies of V avid, are vifited for their Iniquities, with temporal Rods. 6. 'Tis againft God's Anger and Difpleafure at the Sim o.f his own Children; for God is really angry I I