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_32. Th~ Triat and SERM. 4 angry at his own Childrens Sins; anit why then dorh he not punifu them for thejr Sins~ Exod. 4• I 4· The anger of the Lord was kindled againft .A~ofes. ~eut. 1. 37· the Lord ::vas angry &lPJtth me for ~'VO!_!r :_ And the Story fheweth1 r becaufe Mofes iancbfied not the Lord at th£ Waters of 111eribah, God would not fuffer him to fet his Foot in--the holy Land. 2 Cl;;ron. r 1. 9· God ~~as angry with Soton:om. '1Jeut. I. zo. The J ,ord was very angry wtth Aaron. i Chron. r 9· z. The Prophet :fehu faid to .7ebojophat that good King, There is wrath 1fpon thee from the Lord. lfa. ~0. I o. ror in my Wrath J /mote thee, but in my Favour I llltd mercy upon thee. 7. The contrary Error is founded upon two other Errors, 'Ihat all .A.ffliflions_ari Jubfer·vicnt Officers and Serjeants to the Law; and fo they are Signs of God's Wi~ath, as is the La::_v: And_ as :Belie-vers arefreed from tbe rt{tint, Po::_ver of the Law, Jo a!fofrom the Rod.. But this is f~lfe; for q-od's R~d, ot itfdf, is neither a Sig_n of re,- vengmg J uibce, nor of free Mercy : But 1t taketh its ~ature and Specification, fi·orri the Intention ·· and Mind of God: All thefe Externals fall alike to Elc:B: and Reprdhate. The repentjng Thie'f, and the blafpherning Thief are under the fame Rod of God; both die a violent Death. Wicked A r; /Jab, and good .7ofiah are both kpled in \Var. The Botches and Agues threatned 1n the Law, ':!Jeut. ~s . 6o. are upon .7ob, Chap. 2. v. 7· What maketh then the fame Rod, to be a Work of re- _venging Ju ft i~e in the Reprobate, and of Juftice mixed and tempered with Mercy and fatherly Kindnefs, in the Other? Certainly God's Plea,fure and wife Intention, punill1ing tor di.ffaent En~s, · · vat1et I