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SE RM. 4 Trlumph of Faith _· j ~ varictth the Nature of fhe Rods; fo as ah Intentt· on to take fatisfaClory Vengeance on t~e Repro.;. bate, fpecifieth. his Rod, and maketh. 1_t Pumf_hment ot black Wrath, of Salt and unm1xed Jufhce on him: And this Intention is ah eifential Ingredient in fatisfaEtory Puni.fhment. God writeth and 1 engraveth upon the Toothach of a Reprobate, a P~rcel of Hell ; and he ft:ampeth upon burning- ·· quick, rackjng and torturing? the Engravfng of Heaven, ot Mercy and Lovmg-kmdnefs, in .the Bdiever. Bafrard Croifes, and lawful begotten Afflidions have tl1e fame Father, but not the fame · Mother. 2. If the Patrons of this Error could make God~s Rod as arbitrary, as they fancy the Duties of the te~ching and ruling Law o£ God • to be, they fhouldcry down all Croffes,and fend all the jufl:ified Periorls to Heaven o/ith a Pa[~,fecu ring them from all AffiiB:ion in the Way to Reaveti : And fo Chrift .fhould bring his many Children to Glory with dry Faces and whole Skins: vyhereas Chrift himfelf paifed t6 Heaven with the Tear irt his Eye, and a bruifed Soul. The other Ert'or is, T'hat Chri(t bath marJe a full Atonement for Sin, and fuily (atisjied ' .7u(tice for all that are juftijied in his Yitood; and therefore they cannot be punijhed for Sin themfelves. But, 1. There is ·more in the Conclufion than in the Premiiles: erf.{o, the Ju- :ftified cannot fuff'er fatisfaB:'>ry Punifhment fo( Sin, either in whole or in Part, this is moft true' no Man's Garnients were ever dyed with one Drop of red fatisfaEl:ory Vengeance for Sin, Chrifi hath atone trorle this 1Vine-ptefs, and. of all the Nations, there was none with him: But yet i t no ways ' followeth, That the Regenerate doth not iuffer Punifhment for Sin, according to the Rule of another C mix-ed ) I