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. · '.li:Je Epijlle ~edicatory. nal. 0 Wlhat a Happinefs for a Soul to lofe its Excellency in his tranfcendent Glory! . What a Bleffednefs for the·Creature to caft in his little All in Cl.~rift's rnatchlefs All-fufficiency : Could all the Streams retire into the Fountain and firft Spring, they fuould be kept in a more fweet and firm Poffeffion of their being in the Bofom ofrheir firft Caufe, than in their bot·rowtd Channels that they now move in. Our Neighbourhood, and · retiri-ng in to dwell, for ever and ever, in the F&uhtain-bJeJT~dnefs; Jefu Chnjl, with our borrowed Goodnefs, is tl~e fit·m and folid Fruition ofour eternal happy Being: Chri.fl is the Sphere, the connatural firft Spring, ·and Element of borrowed Drops and fmall Pieces of creared·Grace : The Rofe is fmdl: in being, in Beauty on its own Stalk and Root; let Life and Sap be eternally in the Stalk and•' Root, ancl the, Rofe keep its firll Union with the Root, and it ili<HI never wither, never its Bloffom nor Greenrefs of Beauty.. 'Tis Violence for a gracious Spirit to be out of his ~talk and Root: Union here is Life and Happinefs; therefore the Church's laft Prayer in Canotlick Script4re is for Union, Rev xxii. · 20. .Amm, Even, fo, Come Lord Jeius. ~t fhall !lot be well while the buher, and Chrift the prime Heir, and all the weeping Children be under one Roof in the Palace Royal : ·ris a S0rt of m yftical lameaefs, and that the Head wanteth an Arm or a Finger ; and •ris a violent and forced Condition for Arm and Finger to be feparated from the Head. The ~ainrs are little Fie~cts of myflical Chrt.fl, fick of Love for Unio~, the W 1fe of Youth tha& wants her l':Iusband fome '1 ears, and expeCts he fhallreturn to her fi·om over-fea-Lands, is often on rhe Shore ; every ~hip coming near Shore is bel· new Joy, her Heart loves the Wind that fhall bring him Home: She asks at evel"y Paffenger News, 0 ! iaw yon my Husband? What is he doing? When :fhall he come ? Is he :fhipped for a Return ' Every Ship that canieth noi her Husband is the Breaking of ber Hearr. VVhat Defires harh rhc SJJirit and Hride to