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Y,2, . . . . Tht Trif!l a1zd SERM. 7 made, and m htm to all hts Heirs and Kindred not fimply in his Perfon, but as a pubJick Perf<m' · and Mediaro.r. . ' r. Becaufe the Scripture faith to .Abrabam ' a'nd to his Seed, that is, Chrijl; was the Cove~ nartt made ; and thefe Words of ~he Covenant; Pfalm 89. 26. He jbalt cry ro me, Thou art my Fat!Jer, my God. &c. are expounded, Heb. I. 5· And again, I witt be to bim a Father, , and he jhatJ be to me a Son. and .7ohn zo. 1 7. (lo to my lJrethren, a~d fa~o/ to them, I afcemJ unto my Father and your Father, to m11 God, and to your God. So Chrifl tbe Heir of all Things, and the fecond Heirs under him, are all but a confederate, Family. z. The Covenant r11ade with :David and his Seed, and the Fathers, is fulfilled to Chrift and his Seed, ABs I;. 34, 35. As concerning tbat, be raijed him up from the :l.Jead, no more to fee Corruption, he faid on this '"'.t'ife; 1 witl give you the fore il.fercies ·of :Oavid. 3· As the Covenant of Natme and Works was tnade with Adam and all his, and there were not two Covenants ; fo here, the better Covenant coming in the Place of t~e f<J~tner, is made with the fecond Adam and hts Ch1ldren, Rem. 5· 18; 19· I cm~. 15· 20, &c. 4· All that ferveth to ' make a Covenant are here, 1. God d~mandeth of his Son, that he lay down his Life; and for his Labour be promifeth, _that be jhctlt (ee his Sted, and GocJ jhatt t:ive him manJ· Cbiklren, Ha. 5 ?· 10. z. The Son confenteth to lay down h1s ·Life, and fairh, Here am I to ilo thy JVilf, thou ha(l given me a JiocJy. This js the 'Forma] it~ of a Covenant. when Chrift conienteth to the Condition. Now thii Collenant was manifefted in Time