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SE RM. 7 Tri~t111ph ofF aith. 6 j Time between the Father and the Son, but it was traniacted from .Eternity. This is comfortable; that the Father and Chrift tranfaB:ed a Barv.ain from Etetnity, . concerning thee by Name. 1-'here was communmg betwe~n the Father and the Son c?ncerning thy ?eaven; Father, what Jhall be grven to rhy Jufttce to ranfom fuch an one, .7obn, Anna, &c. And Chrift from Eternity did bind for fuch a Perfon, h.e !hall believe in Time. The Redemption of Sinners, is not a Work of Yefter<ilay, or a Bufinefs of chance, it was well adviied, ~nd in mfinite Wiidom contrived, therefore put not Chrift to bechallenged of h1s Engagement, by refuftng the Gofpel ; when thou bdieveft, thou make.ft Chrifl's ·Word g~od ; he tha_t believeth not, maketh God a · Ltar, -rhou?h m another Senfe; and for ought he knoweth, even in this, that he fruftrateth Chrifi's Undertaking in the CovenJtnt; Men believe the Goipel to be a cunningly devifed Fa- ' ble, 2 Pet. I. I 6. The Father and Chrift are both in this Bufinefs; Heaven, Hell, Juftice, Mercy, Souls, and deep V'{ iiaom, ar'e all In this rare Piece, and yet Men think more of a Farm and an Ox, Luke I 4· 1 8, I 9· and ot a Pin in the State, or a Straw, or of the Bones of a crazy Livelihood, or a Houfe. 3· Touching the Promifes , I. There is no good Thing, but it is ours by free Promife, and not by fimple Donation only ; this Collenant · turns over Heaven, Earth, Sea) Land, Bread, Garments, Sleep, the World, Life, Death, into Free-Grace; yea, it rnaketh Sin and Crojfos, golden Sins and Croffes by Accident, throngh t:Re ACts of fupernatural Providence towards ~ s, I Cor. I,