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64 1he Tritd a1td · SERM. 7 1 Cor_. 3· zt. Rom. 8. z8. working on and about r'ur Sms. 2. All Good cometh to us now, not immediately; but through the Hands of a fi·ee Re- ' deemer ; and tho' he be a Man who redeemed us1 yet becaufe he is God: there is mor~ of God, and , Heav~n, and ~ree Love, i_n all ?ur good Things; than Ifwe received _thei_TI. Immediately from God; as Ravens have their Food from God, without a Mediator, and Devils have their Being only by Creature-right, not by Covenant-right. Now for the Promifes, they flow frorri God to us, but all along they fall firft on Chrifi:; they are of two Sort~, 1. Some only given to Chrift, not to us, as the Name above all Names to be adored, and fet at the right Hand ofGod, is properly pro-- mi:kd to Chrift, Angels fhare not with him in this Chair, Pbit. 2. 9, 10. Heb. I. 5, r 3· There is promifed to Chr~fl a Seed a willing Peopte, tl9e E'nds of the Eart b for his Inheritance, Ha. 53· 10. Pfalm 1 ro. 2. and :.. 8, 9· Chrifl's Locks and his Hair are bujhy and thick, Cant. 5. r I. He i ~ not bald, nor gt:a y-hair'd, but he bath a Seed tike the Stars for 111idtitude that no 111an can number, Rev. ·7· 9· but all thofe Hairs grow out of a Head of Gold, and his Off-spring of Children i~ as numerous as the Dew of the Morning Dawnmg, P(atm 1 ro. 3· Mic. 5· 7· tho' the Devil's Locks be more numerous; but 'tis woful, that Chriitand his Children ftanding upon Mount Sion, being a huge Army, and a pleaiant Sight) yet thou art n~e of that numerous Hofl:, a11 round about thee, are graced ot him, and1thou livei1: and cliefl: in _the Houfi~, but lay not in the \iVomb of the :Mornmg, and fhalt not abide in the Houfe w;th the Sons. But there be other Promifes which go along with - ·chrjit