Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Vin 90 Obfer. x í, y col. 3. r. z Phil. a amt. z6. t t, b lahn t6. y, 417.4. 12. iá Roos. 3. 2S. C H A NI. An Expo/ition vpon the fir ft V $ R. 10. Belike then this !elan is now reflentin Heauen, andfo full be in refpeC of bis humanitie, till X the ume of confirm. oration. The Heauens mull contayne him till the time. that all things bereflored. Y Abone Chrift nowfits at the right hand of his Father , from z Heauen wee Iooke for the Snow .. And is it not ftrange, men info many things ortho. -dóxe, fhóùld dreame of Cyril{ bodily prefence perpetu- al! vpon Earth? And that his humane Nature, as his Deity, fills Heauen and Earth ? what then is become of that himfelfe fpake in the dayes of his fefh? The Poore ye fhátlhaue alrráyes with you; a Me not alwayes, A nd,It is expedient for jots that l'' goe away. How is it that the Scripture fend vs tofeeke him in Heauen, and thence to expect him ? Forfoorh, vifsbly, he is in Heauen; inuifsb y , Euery- where.Belike rhen,his Aícenfion into heaùcn is nothing but his vahifhing 'out ofour fight; hee r euer left the Earth,but onely vanifhed, like fome Phantafine, out of his Dilciples fight : Let vs be content with the fl nplici- tie of Scriptures; and feting they teach vs to Iooke for him from heauen;thence let vs expel} him. His defcription followes,Fir(t,by his adioyned rayfitsg from the dead; inferred, as an eltablifhment of that hope, norwithitanding his death. Secondly,bur 1pecially by his effeO,as comfortable as any is or can bee to vs, naru- rally the Chddrcn of wrath. Wherein confider wee, Firft,his allion; deliuerance or refute. Secondly, the propertie he bath in it: Iefiuwho delir ereth. Thirdly, the perlons deliuered,vs: the msfery from which he deliuers: from the wrath to come. Inns who deliuereth ; It feemes then his propertie in- communicable to deltuer vs fiom Hell: No Creature in Hea- uen or Earth is therein fluarer with him. There iseoname giuenvnder Heauen by which we can be fasted, fame C onely the Name o f le/its, him lath d Godpropofed to be the propi- tiataon