Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP.I. Epiftle to the Theffadonians. VEx. Io . 91 tiatiori t him bath God the Father e Pealed , and Pent with a tohn 6 27, commiflion to the worke. Vnderfland it by way, Firft, of Merit. Secondly ,Efficacie.Thirdly,Aduocation. The neceffary conditions required to our delauerance, performable by no Creature,proue ir.Fi:fi,Eyeelding fall fg,tda.3. fàtissfaEtion, euei y way equivalent to the offence of God: which none but aperrfon of his excellencie.could per- 1 forme. Secondly, g refolding vs oat of thepower ofSathan, i g Heb. 2.14. who had vs as Gods Iaylor, deliuered to be tormented a refcue poffibic to none from that h llronq than armed, h M11 1.12.T9. but this Sonne of God flrover then bee, his .pri_uiledge and prerogatiue Royal it i s,to vs from the wrath, to come. Iefuites affume their Name of.Iefus; and differ by their order from others in ('pecialcie. Firft,of imitation. Secondly, of endeuour to promote the honour of Ief ùs, in fauing foules of Gods people. Will you fee how they honour him ? they rob him of his Royal] prcrogatiue of being i Sole Sasaionrofhis people from their fanne,r. As they i Mattb.t.xr. haue erected their Head to bee a Counter_Chr;fl ; fò thoulands of others, to be Counter- Iefùfes. So many Saints, fo many petty Sauiours they haue made; to (bare with our ;ens, in this honour of fauing foules from wrath. Ielùs deliuers onely from wrath eter- nal?;, Iefuites Saints, by their over- flowing righreouf= neffe,from temporary wrath in Purg itary. Yea, fo ma- ny Chriflñians, fo many Sauiours in part ofthemfelues,as ifChrifl had payd but part of our puce; merited fòme- thing towards our abilirie of fauing our foules from the hand of Hell. I fay not much on this occafion. But fùre I am,what cner comes vnderrhe Curfeofthe Law, from that Chri ff k r. deemed vs by being made a Carle for vs, and k Gnl, 3; t3 that not by vs,but 1 by himfilfe; bearing") our fascnes in leis 1 lick 1.3. body vpon the tree. ni i Pet,z. 4. Let vs carefully prelcrue this honour vntouched to our lefus. Many Popilh Errours may be holden with- out