Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H Sr.a. Ept'f11e to the Theffalonians. VEa. ro . 89 aekZe or thinker yea contrary to all that we can fee,or feele : 12 Cor. s. 7. And this made Paellay, W e f zwalkg by faith; not by. fight. Let vs by this, as by former euidence, examine truth vp. of our faith : It is a. precious vertue where it is in found- nelle; but in opinion of it,how many are deceiued ? In the laf'c particular, let vs lay our fearch. Let nice lay to you, as Paul ro Agrippa, King Agrippa, beleeue /1 thou the Prophets ? Beloued Chrit #fans, beleeue you in the Lord Iens ? I would I could anfwer my f elfe for you, as Paul Both for Agrippa, I know you beleeue. But this once I know, as Salomon : Euery man will boat( of his owne righteoufnef e,of his faith, t but where may we find a t Prou. ao, 6 faithfuflman,, a true Beleeuer ? I will tell you how you (hall know them. Sect# thou a man holding his courfe fteddy in Chri- f}ian praEtice,though hee meet with of iClions neuer fo many; for the hope fake layd vp for vs in Heauen ? fay of him in thy Charity;That man bath faith;:feelefl thou in .thy felfe that f }edfaft and vowed refolution; though the Lord thould prolong thy life to the Comming of his Sonne to Iudgment,and in all that timeprefre thee with aflietions ;yet for that hope fake,lb faire from enioying, thou refoluell to cleaue to thy God ? bl ile God for the gift of fai t h;to thee, I. dare lay, it is ugiuen to beleeue in the u Philip. 1.74% Lord leftist. Search euery man his heart,how in this particular it is affefted. Infirmities inpraEtice we fhall find many : re- folution in the maine, if wee finde, Lord, what comfort haue wee? I leaue it to euery mans fcrious examination; wi(hing to you all this peoples mealúre of Faith,in hope - full expectation, patient wayang for Chrif}s Gomming;. firmefi refolution to breake thorow the temptation of long delay, notwithilanding adhiEtions that accompany Gods feruice. The place whence Chriff is expeEted tó come, where Obfers he yet refides,is next intimatedfrom Heauen,, Be- 40