Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Az__ : '+4jt19 ZA: ,tll/,' 92 C H A P. i. An Expofition vpon'the firfr? V a H. M. out remedilelTe peril! of damnation. In this point who io is Popi(h,or I efuiricall; let him feare left he forfeit his (hare in this blelled'Deliuerance. The all; it Idle f Ó11 owes;Deliueranee or referee. e.17 How workes he our `Deliverance ? An fm,. I'. Fir(L,t-Merito. Secondly,Spiritu; is the compendious anfwer. Tbus vnfold ir, Firft, he fubiefts himfelfe to enduring that wrath we had by our fumes deferued, that in the al is paft,in the vertue permanent. Z, Secondiy,h a Qiues his Spirit toworke faith , to make vs `.naz cb. 36.17. capable of this Deliueránce, according to the tenor F ofthe Evangelical! C°uenant. 3. Thirdly, by the fame Spirit hee o puts his feareimam. o rer. 31.4 o. hearts,and caufeth vs to wake, in his Star ter. 4. Fourthly, defends vs from temptation, i or protelgs vs. P, 13. in temptation, that the itrue may be comfortable. 1COt.i2.7, Fiftiy,ln our:falsoffrailry,9intercedesforpardon;fuppe- S' dilates -Grace,by renewing all's of faith and repentance. qt Jahn 1: a. r 1 lohn 5.18, Finally,proreets and ftfegards vs from the rage of Satan, that that r mill fallen not on vs,to depriue vs ofSaluarion. Thus doth our Iefus deliuer vs. Ioyne hereto confideration of perlons (haring in this Deliuerance: Vs. Vs, in this gueftion,hath a double Antitbefs,one un- to Angels,another to meni veffelsofwrath: both would be weighed, the better to prouoke to thankfulnetre.He fHeh.1.16. too,ke not elan 1 him Angels, hot thefeedof Abraham. Not Angels, their nature he allumed not, nor lùftained their perfon in fuffcring: they fell irrecouerably, and fiifer the vengeance ofeternall fare, That is not all the fpecialrie of his Loue, Mans Nature he allumed, but doth he ddiuer all Mankind e not lure in theiffue; nor, I dare fay in his intention. Thereforefee euer rcftaints anmxcd in the Word of t'Rom, 9.14. God. ys,faith Paarl,t whom he call's , whether levees or Gen- tiles.