Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P. I. Epijle to the T he(%alonians. VER . i o. 93 tiles. Vs, that beleene them, that God uganehim out ofthe q,tabx World. V,,faith Peter, whom he bath redeemed X from our xi Pct.L18,19 vaineconteerfation: more,or ocher then God path chofen, haue no Ihare in this happy Deliuerance. And thefè re,- (trait-us are current in the Word ofGod. Twoóther,orhers haue made: onc,Iewesin their en- uious Pride ; another, infirme t hriftians in their igno- rance or weakncife. They forbid its to Y preach to Gentiles that the) may heel r ibejf: z, T8. faced; at no hand endure fpeech of turnings to the Gen- z 4e!.I3,46,10 tiles yet are they aft Abrahams feed that follow his faith. Abraham was infltfred z before circutnc:f d. A a,rr.' figne, fa'd the Apof}ie, that to the vncircumcifon alto was intended the Welling ofAbraham. If Patti lime a Iudge incompetent; faith Ifai. $. Let b Gentiles praifè God b Rom.r5,.9,1o, for his mercy. And again e, Reioyce, ye Gentiles, with his I people. And agai'ne, Hee that full rife to raigne otter Gen tiles,in him (hall the Gentiles trufi'. A lecond canticlÌe reftraint, is that Gods Children make in their weakneffer thus, vederthis (Vs) come Beleeuers, none but foci ae Abraham. that are fully af fined and neuer c'.oubt of their Deliverance: none but filch whofè fànc`íifcationadmits no interruption, nor fcarce euidence ofimperfe£iion,by parricutar falls ofIn- What then Ohall become of the generation of the l Lift ? Whole dota brings and frailties are recorded in Scripture? yea, as Difciplesm another calè;Wbo then can be famed ? Better things is the Apoflle perfwaded of many weaklings; and (peak es mere comfortably to wea- ti.e foules. They are all in compaffe of .Abrahams Casernant, that ,a'alk in- the s ffeps of Abrahams faith; cRom oz. yea, though they bee not able to keepepace with him. Bee mercifnil, Paid Nehemiah, to them d that define to dNebem. x.II.. feare thy Name ; that would faine flyc from cuill, but cannot,as they defire,bring clogged with theflefh.Who j alldeliuertne,fáid the Apoflle; me, whom finne a leades a Rom.7.23. cap- t ti e ,.