Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

gq. C H ,wr, I. Aì Expo fition vpon thefirff V B R.10. captiue in particulars Itha nl.e my God through 1 s s vs fRew.8.1. ` C H R i s r. And there is no t' condemnation to them that are in C H R Z s T 115v s, not walking after theßefti, but after the Spirit; though in particulars !IA prcuayle to milguide them. Vs then, that.hechath called; vs,that beleeue in any meafure, to wee ftriue to grow in faith,and bewayle our infìdelitie;Vs,that would doe good;and endeuour to fly from the corruption in the World through lufl; yea, thoughwereachrnotthat height of Faith and Obedi- ence that we define and ftriue for : vs our Iefiuhatá deliaered. From what mifeay? from the wrath to come. A phrafe oßfpcech not frequent in the Scriptures, what it com- rAzeth-let°vsheare, andfeare and doe no moreprefumptu- dupy. Our Sauiour f èernes to explaine it,when he terms ir,tloe gdamiiation ofHefl: vnder it comes vtually p rna, damná,er pcena fin*: the lotte of the good things pre pardfor the righteous; the painful! euills whereinto the-datiïed.are plagued. h 6;matt.2 41. h .I'erpetu'a11 feparation from the glop ions pretence of God and his Saints: irreeouerable lotte of thofe ioyes that neither eye hath feene, nor care heard, nor the heart ofmanconceiued: a little of then felt in this life,the Cage of them in peace of Conscience`, and ioy of the Holy Ghoft, how fcemes it a little Heauen vpon Earth? how tortures it Gods Child for an houre to lacke? how much more - doleful! is the perpetual! and hopclette lotte of them, that they.all incurre who (hare not in this Dcli- uerance ? as our Sauiour(aid i What wazling and weeping and gnafbáng of teeth follow es then in the damned , to lee ABRAHAM, :SAAC,and1ACOB, and all the Pro- phets clad in theglory of Gods Kingdome, and th emfelu es :shit out of-doores? `Fc lleaue whatthey loCe,confìder what they feele;tor_ meets and anguifh intollerable, fee how Gods Spirit hath grytat.23.i3. i Lxi¿e 13. 28.