Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P.I . Epiflle to the Theffalewianr. V$ R. I©. 95 bath pleated to expreife rhem.Though no earthly thing j be iijfflcienr to expretie the angu 1h of t3 yet refemblan- ces are chofen of things mcftbirterto fenfè, thereby to acquaint vs fomething with the grieuoufneife of it. To mans fcnfe, nothing more fl,arpe then fire; of fires, none more fcalding then that of ßrimftone; It is kit e. 2". fire fire of Brim, f one,k a Lake that burner with fire andBrim s`lone,for crier before the Throne of God. It were fomerhing yet,though the paine be extreame, if there were hope either of end or mrrigation.But thefe Rude,. torments admit neither, they i fit f ter the vengeance of eter- nall fire they goe curfed into euerlafting fire; the Woi medyes not ; and the fire goes not our. The Tor- mentors are Spirits:therefore immortali: the tormented as immortal in body and Soule;the fewell neuer fayles; a m Ritter of Brimfione there is continually ftreaming, for m 1 fài. 3643. euer to k&pe it burning; the breath ofthe Lord is as Bel- lamed to blow it. Yet iffome intermiflìon or mitigation might bee ob- tayned,it were fomething; but heare the Glutton in Hell; lam horribly tormented in this flame,butfo much Mt. ter as 'l in tip of the ffinger Lazarus might beare, to coole histoiague,i begged ;and not obrained. Merciletfe 4- n Luke t6,s4. braham, may ferne Wretch Cy >nay,mercileffe Glutton to the poor Lazir,and nie re mercilefTe to his owne foule. It is iuf} with G.,d,'here fhould be o ludo-ernes-0 mercileffe olam, 13 to firth as n-o ld¡1,ew no mercy to theirbrethren, nor. to: eheir owne fouler. The extent of the torment, makes it yet more gric- ufus. No part free, cyther in fliuie, or bo :y : open their eyes; what fee they ? bur Deuils'to torture them, or: o- ther damned tormented with them ?pei haps,Wiues and Children,through their negligc nce,or curled example, brought into the fame place of torments. Open their eares,what heare they but bitter weeping and wayling, howling and yelling, after the manner of Dragons, for