Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

96 (CHAP. Expoftion vpo>s the firft Vsx, a®; pr to t.t6. Ned r.z4. for the great wrath of G O D iuftly fallen vpon them? would they fly? they are in [!thou, in Chaines,in Dark - nette. Would they dìc ?thegcannor,thcy are immortal!. Would they fupplicate to the Iudge? lie iuflly incxo table: he called, and they refs fed: th erefore he P now laugher at their deflruffion. Would they th inke of any thing to comfort them? they haue no Ieafure for torments, their finfull pleafures remembred, torture their Confcience; the good :things inioycd, adde much ro their anguifla. What fhould I fay moral a man can think of any thing that may be tormenting, ifof any circumftance that can aggrauate torment; thus let him thinke;it is little,all too little, to expreire the torments and anguifh, that comes vnder this rerme,oftbewrath to come. From :his wrath re come, our Tweet Sauiour, ourdlefJed kfm hatb delivered vs. To grow towards fbme profitable vie- making of this point; let vsfemicthing more parti- cularly inquire, who they are that come vnder this i's, the rather, for that this Grace, for the very enioying of it,is thought fo vniuerfall, that the prophaneft Mifcre- ant.dares prattle of his portion in it. Fs, fay Libertines, wholbeuer are members of the Church;vs all that are in the Church vifible.That were well for Capersaires; And yet faithour Sauiour, Eafier Mall it befit. Sodome and Gomorrhe at the Iudgement, then IforCapernaites: though members ofthe Church vifl- bie. And it is not to be doubted, but that as the grace oft ed,and contemned,hath beene greater to men in the Church;fo haue they heauier damnation,then many out of the Church. Briefly : vsthat beleeue, vs, he bath deliveredfrom the wrath to comre,vs that obey him : hee is A9uthour of faluation to 411r that obey him. vs, that he bath purged to be f a pecu- liar people to himtfelfe, valeta egood works : vs hee bath deliuered from the wrath to come. For all faithleiíe,difo- bcdient,impenicent Sinners, on them i the wrath of Cod abider MICEV.IrsT-% ,,.,-..1. ,_ ,,Nr,,.,_, 4,.,_