Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P.I. E pi, ftle to the Theff'aloxians. V u. ao. abides for !tier. And bee u not deceiseed, yon Remorfleffe Whoremongers, Coueto,e , Idolaters, for th fe things lake comes the wrath of Godvpon the children o f difobedience, I. d. Yee may perhaps flatter your felaes with hope of impu- níty,inrefpeûofyour outward prerogatiues : yee are baptized,fo was Iasdas : yet x a child of perdition : yee are hearers of theWord ; coozen not your foules with that Sophifttie. There were that heard Chrifl Y teach in their f reets,ànd yet were Asa out of gods Kingdome. Thou haft preached to others; fo mayft thou,and L yet thy felfe be a Calaway. In a word,what euer thy priuiledges are, if a child of drlibbedience and impenitently fuch, on thee comes this h cauie wrath of God. Will you fee how many forts of ¡lunes the Scripture excludes from (haring in this deliverance ? a N o Whore- monger hath any inheritance in the Kingdome of Chrrif and ef God; No impenitent Whoremonger. And what is he better that with a high. hand commits W hordome, blufheth not at it; glorierh in it, as in a point of man - hood ? ye haue a Catalogue of the damned Crue,menti- oned by Saint lohn;you would wonder, fotne of them, fhould deferue that file. In the forefront are the b feare- fa ll,fúch as for feare of men fhrinke from holy Profeflii- on and practice. I would to God our moderate Profefi'ours would thinke of it. May 1 not adde curled Swearers ? yea lefre then there, C Lycrs. What thinke you then of lying (wea- rers? theirs lure is the blackneffe ofDarkneffe, the dec. pell Dungeon in the loweft Hell. The Perfècutor and Troubler of the Saints : of whom laid our Sauiour, Serpents,generationofipers,l how can they efeapethedamnationofHell? Thefe with many other their conforts, haue their part in the Lake, thatbairnes with fireand brimflone,which is thefecond death ;which-is the wrath to come. III Secondly, Gods children haue herein matter enough H to