Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P.2. Epifile to the T heffalanians. V a R.2. 105 Prayed for with inflanceby Apoflles, Aa.4.29 inioy- ned to be remembred by she people, in their prayer for the Apoßl ; and a reaión there giuen, that hee might fpeakZe,gasheowghttofpek: as if flee had thought the ti- gIphcf.s,tg, morons deliuerie of the Word of God, befeemed nei- rherthe Meir:nger, nor the Maietiie of the meffage. Ex- amples fee in Elias, and him that came after him, in the Spirit and power of Elias. Hereto, we all, whom God bath put in trufl with the Minifteric,are to be encouraged; that no faare, or other by- refpat, make vs fuppretTe any part of Gods Truth, expedient for the people to know. Reafons are many : Firil:, iris that, that procures authority in the confci- ences of the people. I know not how, things tirnoroufly deliuered, though neuer fo truely, lacke their life in the hearers hearts, whiles they beginne to thinke, our felues rape& the Truth, ofwhat wee deliuer. Secondly, it is no fmall encouragement, to meditate, that the Lord is with vs, tod fendvs : and that preuailed fo farte with derernie, that though his relolution was, to r fpeakeno more in the Name of th e Lord; y et when h re confdered the Lords prefence with him, he could not but prophecie. Thirdly, that Argument me thinkes is piercing, {left the Lord dying vs. Helpes to procure it : Fi: ft, afrurance of our Calling from God. It.brings with it how many Arguments of Confidence ? Firf}, alrurance of proration. Secondly, Confidence it felf fuggells necefíirie of boldnefTe.Third- ly, puts to G1ence all thofe idle dcbates,ind coatitltations with flefhandblood. Secondly,aiTured warrantic of what we teach,whether to informe judgement, or to reftifie affet Lions: therefore Paasl wills to build all exhortations, reproofes, &c. t vp- t ondoc`rtrine,that wee may be able to denicnfhrare, what we reprooue, to be a finne; what wee periwade vnto, to be dutie. Vfe.t. r ler.zo:g, c I. Thirdly,