Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

<;`N,s%'ìt'?"8E.+4:`,92,1144w . ii 106 C H A P.i. An Expo ition vpon the f rjl VER. 2. Thirdly, a cleere Conícience before God and men : u Pro,z8. r. Th;s ma/Zes bold as Lyons; and nothing more deieCls the 1'pirits then guilt of (inne. x Fourthly, x prayer to God, to abate that rimoroufnefro natural], that in belt duties fhewes it felfe. Secondly, The people hence learne, as not to forget their Minilters in Prayer to G OD for his grace to bee doubled vpon them; fo to blelie God that ftirres vp the Spirits of their Paltors, to deale thus freely in their Mi- niftcry. Wee heare, how in great places, finnes abound, to the infalion of the meaner pcople;queflionlclTe,from y ,,loses 7.10, this as one maine Rea {ón. Y Amos his words too rosegh for c3. Court Barer; and Bethel is no place for fuch people, OT. A- mong]} our people, if any be in wealth or authority fu- periour to his Minifter, plaine dealing with their finnes, fiarce Elates with good manners; as to the Gallants in z z Ifiael, fo to ours, they fcetne Lmadde Fellowes that deale refolutely in reproofe of their finnes: And therefore fee, if the iudgement threarned to Ifrael, bee not come vp- on our people, the Lord hath made the Prophets tongues a &z,ech. 3. lc a cleaue to the roofe of their mouthes, that they are not as re- proouers unto them; euen 6 ecau fe they are rebelliour,and God purpofeth to clef/1'0y them. The meafureofP axis boldnetrefol loaves: T houchhee had fufred affiillions and reproches at Philippi,yet was he bold to fpeake the Go cell veto them, mac. So then AJfliûions in Gods Children ought not to quench race; neither doe they quench, but rather inflame it. PETERS bAfd.4.t ;, 2o. boldneffe b admired by the Rulers; it was rather increaled then abated by their threatnings; like inflances fee Elias, leremie, Iohn Baptift, &c. Why, they ought not, chefe are Realons. Firft,They are pledges to vs offìncerity: next, to the warrantablenefreof our afion, for the matter, and che i teí}imonie Coníèience giues of our regular intentions; Perfecutions are belt cuidences of our walking with a right