Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C a aP.2. Epiffle to the 7"heffalonicns. VER2 1 ©7 right foot to the GofFell : that except wee will therefore faint, becaulé the Lord fides vp to vs our faithfirine ffe, e r Pe1.4.r . why fhould they daunt vs ? Secondly," comforts are vfùally giuen to Gods Chil- d 2, tor, X. ç. dren proportionable to their aflilfions : and if euer we haue experience of Gods loue, it is under the CrofJ . Thirdly, The end ofafHietions is, ro equickengrace, eHof f,tç. Why they doe not in the euent; ordinarily mearse; fometimes it is true, we bewray humane frailty, bur or- dinarily fo it is, that as corruption vnreg entrate,' the more it is oppof èd, the more it flormes, and growes outragious; fo Grace, the more it is oppc. f èd, the more inflamed like new ft'Vinewithoutvent; fó is the Spirit:like fJob32.tS,19. fire in the bones, lb Gods Word fupprelTed in a gracious gier. ro, 9. heart. Firfl, In fuch rimes wee bell fee our frailty natu- 7tafons. rall3 are moll lowly in our owne eyes; cleaue clolèr vnto God; feeke him mere diligently; pray more feruently. In the dayes of cafe, how feeme wee to our felues petty gods, as Peter ? and fuch mountaines, asDauidfpeakes, as if we were vnmoueable ? What maruel l if God leaue vs to our fèlues? to humble vs, ro make vs le1Te confi- dent in our (clues; more dependent vpon our God, Secondly, AIM Pions fanlìißed to Gods Children, a- bare corruption, the onely clogge vnto grace in our hearts. As the outward manperifbeth, fó h the inner is daily h z Cer.4.r6. renewed. Thirdly, With the afflitlion, the ' Tate isgiuen; the ifTue 'ir "r'°' 13: vertualy; grace fuflaining that the ilTue may becomfor- table. Herein labour to refemble the Saints : if former rea- vf. ions bee not preualent enough, remember what Paul hath; the afflictions are k light and momentanie, the glory , k r Car.4.17, wetghtie, imcomparablyglorioue, esaerlafling. If that per- fwadenor, let that terrour of the Lord Tway -with vs: Homy 'withdraw himflfe, my lode (faith the Lord) fball haue