Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C.HAP.Z. Epifile totheTheffaloariwns. VHA. ;. It; Wee are all here adinonithed, to whom the difpcnfa- don of the Word is committed, as the Scripture P com- p Tian,;.Ir. pleatlyfrrrxi/hethvsto emery good work! of our calling, fo carefully to cxercireour felues in euery particular of duc- tie, in the worke of the Minifterie. The Paflors in Ifrael, for defeels this way, we finde (baipely reproued,heauily threatned by Ezechiel. It is a liuelefre and vnprofrable kinde of teaching in vie amongft many , contenting themielues with bare expofìtions of the Text, almoft paraphrafl:icall., or with nuked propounding of Doarines,to informe thciudge- menr, !elm ug the confcience and affeetions wholly vn- rouched. I !hall neuer wonder, if fuch mens minifierie be vnprofitable,fayling in rhofc things wherein efpecial- ly Bands the life of Preaching. B yon of the people adrnouifhed q to fifer the Word, q Heb.i ;.as. not of Do&ine ondy, bur ofexhort,stion : yea, if need he, of reproofs. Brethren, wee are faine into a ftrange Age forcurious pridein onrpeople.Though they would laugh to héarc a Minder reade them a Lcf.furc of good husliandrie, or teach them the vie of their manuali in. ftruments; yet none atnongft them fo rude, but vnder- takes to prefcribe to a Minder a forme of Preaching. Let him expound to vs the Scriptures, deliuer vs inf}ru- ¿'ions; but what bath h e c to doe to be dealing with our finnese as who fay, the whole office of a Paflorhood in this: the informing of the Lodgement, or as if the defeels in confcience and;aWettions, were not as great, as thofe in the vndcrftanding? Pawl, I crow, knew well what preachingmeant, hee branching that whole into his parts, comn ands, though to lay DoOrine as ground of all, yet withal! to r improue, rebuke, exhort. And taTimr,4.2; this let me fay; bee that feeles not as much need to haue his confcience dealt withal!, by terrour and comfort, his affeclions by reproofe, or exhortation, as his iudgc- ment by information, bath pro ted little in knowlcdgr I of