Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

114 CAC: .7. .S4. Obfer. ttTiëf.6.3. u Mau.5,t9. x D9at.r s 4. y ET,eth,34.4. %I 2, C N r;a; An Expo f tion vjon the ftrftt V RR. of his original! (inne, er in fenfible acquaintance with that breach it bath made in the whole man. Yca, more, tree that endures not as well our reproofes and exhorta, tinns, as our'Doftrines and bare Narrations,bewrayes ei- ther open prophanenetTe, or elfe ` Hypocrifie. See wee now the particulars oppofire to 1inceritie, which Paul remooues from him: they are, Firff. Impo- flure. Secondly, Impuritie. Thirdly, Guile. The In- terpretations are many: this I thinke bell, that the two 6rtl be referred to the matter of his teaching: the third,to his manner of dealing and affeCtion : for the flatter of his preaching, it was neither erroneowt, nor yet vncleane, it tended to breed, neither ertour in iudgement, nor im. purifie in the conueriation. Like coitionand care becomes vs in pur Miniflcrie, that oh& wee teach, tend neither to erreur , nor vncleanne fe our Doctrine, faith the Apoflle, muff be t-cholefome, and according togodliaeffe. Firfl, hee that breaks the leaf of the Commandments, end e' teeecheth menr e, he (hall be minimtss, that is, noilluc,in the Kingdorne of hearten. Secondly, and the blinde guide w h ethcr wilfully, or o- therwife blinde, N falls, with him he miffe- lcades into the ditch. And iffuch an beanie woe bee due to them, r which ferke nor than which gees affray; what thinke wee (hall be the portion of fuch as leade them out ofthe way a Doilrine erroneous is of two forts. Firfl , groirely fuel), that is directly and or enly oppo(itc to Gods truth taught in Scriptures. Secondly, couerrly erroneous, which one,firly.tathe vie of the word, calls Impofture. It is when by-cunning, men fet fo faire glofe vrn crrour, that, vnder a thew of truth, and pretence of holineire, . it is conuaied into the Church. Fatltells of fume, that t fpake Qfes through hpocrifie such.