Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

I16 a ade41 g.;,6:- cPfr+t.e.k. Bernard. in Cant. Serm.66. Serm,de fan. 8eneelti7o. e H AP.2. As Expel:Plos vjlos the firfl VPE.q,. The Pharilcs taught, as Papifis now doe;thar if a man bellowed all he had vpon the Church, and furtheranceof Religion; though he neglec3cd ftrflcnauce of Parents,d bee mar free: in rt fpeft of a greater good bee furtce. ed. Hy- pocrites, faith our Sauiour, that by your Traditions difannll the Commandements of god. 'nacre v- re little commande- ments,laid the faille Pharifes, Lleghr duties as it were, wherein a man need nor be fo f}ri(t, or precife:he might gine his eye leaue to Tooke wanton :y, his heart to thinke lafciuiocfly; to the body were kept from the grolTrftaft of vncleannefTe; vaine or.hes were no great matters, to be flood vpon; fo they (ware truly,the Law,they taught, . was fufficiently obfèrued. And a number Inch like licen- tious doRrines, f ùrable to the humour of many,too ma- ny in the Church ar.rhis day.lf thou heare a man in that humor,thar he wil let thee loofe,where God bath bound thee,and giuc libertie to runne to vncleannefTe,or breach of any Gods Comrrandemenrs,of him be jealous; what euer his gifts be, he mikes not wiih a right foot to the Gofpell. The Law of God is evndeficd; as it proceeded from a pyreGod, fo it felfe is pure, teacheth puritie,con- I dcnines vncicar noire : kils it in the hearts of all Gods Children. And chcfe arc the things Patel remooues from the matter of his DoElrine,from his afs. Etion and inten- tion he difclaiu_es deceit. As the matter of his Doü}rincwas true, plaine, and pure; lb his affcCtion free from guile; l thinke,he mcancs that fpiriruall guile, which the Scripture cal,, Hyporriße: thus briefly coceiuc the nature of it; it hides the euill that is; counterfeits the good, that is nots Hypocrites, faith, T. ernard,&fire to fèeme, not to bee good; not to féeme, but to be euill; their fludi e is uot, Colore virtittes, but vitia colorare, quodam quaff virtutum minio : they care not to follow or praftifè vertue, but to colonr vice by putting vpon is the painted complexion of vertue: as S s xs o of Cyrene, faith the fame Aathor, they bares Crotfe wiwillr