Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Ca tr.a. Bpiflle to theThefalotsians. V E R.3 . Crotie,that is not their ovine; lacking a religious inten- tion, angariantar : and the good things they loue nor, they are forced ro dot, through loue of vaine glory, which they long after. A vice, abone many, hateful! vnto God : molt to bee auoyded of Minifl:ers and people; marring the belt afti. ons,and making them lothfome vntoGod : there were that preached Chrif,but f not fincerel pin their preaching, Paulprófelfeth reioycing, for fome aduantage hee law might thereby come to Gods glory: themfelues had no comfort, for that no futableneire of their af}eCìions and intentions,with the matter of their doctrine and preren ces they made oThoneftie. Trudy faid Saint Av o vs TI N a, Non virtns, fed Can- fie virtutis aped Deum mereedem ha6et : And it is the cf- fentiall difference twixt an Hypocrite and a true Natha- niel: his actions oncly are glorious, his affections no letre then fordid : a true Ifraclire to good actions, lures as good intentions. To rootc out hypocrifie, to plant firaceritie, theta are helpes auaileable. Firft, continual! meditation of Gods All-fecing and All - fearching Eye. g The God with who,,. we bane to Beale, to his eyes all thingsare naked, and vncouered. Secondly,confidcr the itiue of hypocrifie: Geed worker aremanifeff 6ef re hand, h andthey that are otherwife, cannot alwaies 6e hide I17 f t. ,lag. de Temper. Senn. 59. gHeb,q.r3. h rTim.lAS. I3 Vszts,