Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

4s VEttS.4. But a4 tree were allowed of Gatito bee put in trufl with the Cofpell, fo wee fpeake, not as pleafrag men, but God which try eth our hearts. °011owes now the other part of the Anti. theft's., wherein he aiTsmes the proper: ie of Gnceritie; affigning reafons of his beha- uiour. In the words aretwo things. Fittl, Pauls fincere behauiour in his M!niilerie. Secondly, his reafòns motiues thereto. He fought not topleafè men, but God. The-point is this, .'1Minifter may not bea man-pleafer; more then that, man pleating cannot fland with fnceritie: tome thus explaine:he May not pleafè men againtl God. Fi fl,when men cannot bee pleafed, but with Gods difpleafure: the rule is good to walk e by: but this further conceiue it, as meant not limply de euentx, but de conatos: hee is not prefently infincere, in whom itfòmetimes be- fais, that men perhaps of corrupt mindes, finde pleating, and contentment: Euen to the Hypocrites ofSion, Eze- chielsMiniflery was fora while, as cfufzcke: and our Sauiour his doürine is admired by the people,they that meant to apprehend him,giuc him this teflimonie, k Ne. uer man fpake, as this man fpeakrs. But vnderfland ir, deconatu: when a cuan bends him - felfe to this as his maine end, to pleafè men, and yeeld them contentment: This is it that cannot (land with a Minifters finceritic. Secondly, by 'men, vnderfland carryall men,as they are fuch; they that delire to pleafc carnalirie, muff alter the nature of that doarine wherewith God (lathrntrufled them, it isenmitie to the fl.</b; I the flefl to it.0 ur doarinc is fait; wholeibme and tending tofaeferue from putrifafth on: but not without much tartneiie and byting. Thirdly,. i Exeth. 3 3. 3 a: k2obny.46. 1Rotx,S.7. r "t ,. 'sgir:,.._.11 ..,......, .. ,