Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP. 2. EjiiIlle to the Theffalonians. V 8 x.+. Thirdly, Vnderffand it chiefly ofour Dotlrine,not of our ciuil conuerfation in things indiffercr. Pauls prat-bee was, in vf of libertietopleaféall men in all indifferent things: wee may not thinke that in doetrine and moral] praitíce, bee tempered his behauiour fo as to pleafe car- nally, with there limits; how farre a Minifter fhould bee from this humour of' man-pleafing,rhefe reafons prooue. Fir{I, m If I p leap men, lam not the ,Seruant of (krill, that is,if I bend and apply my Idle ro fit the people with doü}rines pleating to the humours of carnali men; or made mans fauour the vtmoft of' mine intention, I were not the feruant of Chn ft. Secondly, in fall's prophets this noted as a propertie and blemilh, to feeke out Placentia for the people, Thirdly,it crotfes the maine end of preaching,to bring men to Repentance. Hereby the n hands of the wicked are flrengthened, not to returitefrom their euill way. Let it be to vs,in place of Mmiffers, a warning to flyc this fault: then which, I know not any more pernicious in a Miniffer: Three wayes it is incurred; Firll, in matter of Doftrine : when it is fuch as is plea- ting to the erroneous opinions aild corrupt affeE} ions of men. Asfalfeapoffies in Galatia, loth to offend Chri- (fians by reiecting Chriff; as loth to dif'pleafe Chriffians Iudaizing: or too much to abafe the' pride ofnature;de- firing to pleafe carnally, thus moderated the matter : CHRIST muff bee the principal) and original], Mo- reesandNatture fecond Caufes to perfe f Iuffification. Right as Papifis now, to al ribe all to Nature, were too grotte Pelagianifine to take from men all libertie in mo- rahues,too diffaffefull to pride ofnature; let grace there- fore haue the principalirie:nature,a power,vpon excite- ment, to worke with the Spirit of God; thus they (hall pleafe all parts. Amongff our felues,how many are in this kind guiltie ?ro legitimate Adultery,Drunkk nnelfe, Ab- fence'frona religious exercifes on the Sabbath, were too I 4 open I19 n ET,eeh.r;.az. s