Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

ti-;ì `réc_r"ág1b4wv:*" á iZO C H AP,s. An Expefation vpen the fir/f VER.g o Natal. 12, 24. open Liberrinifine;but wanton words,tisting by the cup in good fellowfhip on the Lords Day, fuch as there muff bee permitted : wherefore? I mantel! : except to pleafe carnally. Secondly, In manner of preaching and deliuery : The falfe apo(lles in Corinth,perceiuing how the naked tim- plicitie of Paulr preaching grew irkeforne to nice and cu- rious cares of Grecians: bent their ftudies, almotl who - ly to words, and in preaching grew emulous of Heathe- nifh Oratours, vnder pretence perhaps, ro make the Do- ¿trine more plau fible: in truth to humour the people,and to winne to th emfelues thé vaine praife ofEloquence. Thirdly,A man may teach truth,uaked truth nakedly, and yet be guilde of this crime of man- pleafìng:as when his ayme is this, to giue contentment to the people, and to winne himfèlfe applaufe from die Hearers. Secendly,fith this is a fault in a Minifler,fee,and I be- leech y ou,leè the great errour of many.; that, in opinion of their greater dircretion then God hath granted to their Teachers, are become Prefcribers vnto their Prea- chers. And though,! dare fay, they baue fcarce learned the Art ofgood hearing: yet chink themfelues able men to glue Precepts and Rules of Preaching. One is this a- mong't many: A Miniffer muff (ò can y himfclfe in his Doctrine, that hee may by no meanes offend his people:. For if th ey lone vs nor, wee (hall neuer doe then good by Preaching. A kinde of popular pleating carriage they would haue in a Miniiler; fuch, belike, as that the moil carnal!, and prophane among(! his Hearers may not be offended. Which if they vnderffandof iufl offences,they haue vs eatily according. But doe you not remember what our Sauiouranfwers, when his Difciples bring tidings that. Pharifes were offended? o If they will bee offended, let them be ofended: Ir is truth and necefTary truth I haus taught :. let them bewray their blindnetre ,Chriff repents not his Prea-