Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

4 s a iiga f . cont. epiji Funda- menti,cap.s. h 1ob.4 42. 2 Mar.1.27. 4 k Aug. cont. dare EpiJi.Pe- Bonifae. 66,4. cap. ?. ,.. CHAP.( AnExpofitionuponthefrrfi Vfix,t. there Times,and Pliees,and Refpeets,wherein their men- tion May be of tome auaile for Truth. Fir(t, As, with fome men, who knowes nor, but their Names more Tway, then the Names of Prophets and A- poflles ? What it in that cafe we deliuer the fame Truths vnder other Names,condefeending fo farre to their infir- mity for a while ? g Saith S. Au/len, I had not beleeued the Cofjiell, had not the Authority of the Church forayed with me. It was his IntroduEtion to Faith : afterwards, h as Samaritars, hebeleeuesvpon firmer grounds. If by vs :they be vfed as Introduaions for a time, I fee not what impeachment it is to credit of Scriptures. Secondly,Wecannot be ignorant, how vfuall the im- putation ofNoueltie is to rcuiued Truths. i wet new Dott<rineis this fay the people in Chrifts time Admiring his Miracles, fay ours; denying the Truth, for (hew of Noueltie. In fuch cafe, if wee (hew the Succeffion line - all of our Faith and Praftice, and lo take that Cauill from the Ignorant, me rhinkes the Truth flill gets ad -. uantage. Thirdly, And heare we not oft how wegoe alone,rnd delight in tingularity ? Why may wee not remoue that Imputation, by (hewing confent of Churches Ancient and Moderne ? Fourthly, There are extant in Path ers,Expofïcions and DoEcrines ofScriprure,in teal mesfo fignificanr, as better occorre not to our moll ferious Meditations : why it (hould be vnlawfull to vttcr them in termes of the Au- thors, rather then our owne,l know nor. k AdCuramnof%ramexeflitnopertinera con /òlásns Scrip- turas SanEhts Canonicas aduerfna eos tefles adhibere, T/e- rumetiam de Sanëforamlíterie, qui ea ante nos fama celeber- rirnd & ingenti elen d tratIauerhnt, aliqua ddcuvvrenta pro - ferre; non quo Canonici,' libris cl noble vlline di, bhtatorir a- quetur autboritas, fed vt ('ciant a noble ret`latn anti - gseitìssfundatam Catbolicam fdem aduerfio recenteno Pela- gianorum