Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Cif A P.2. Ept'flle to the T beffalonians. VER.4 . Preaching. And when Ieremie complained ofthat Wile of his Preaching, emery man curfed him ; what faith the anfwer of God vnto him? if hee will bee a Prophet after Gods heart,P he mufit f ill take away the precious from the vile; p ier.r 5.19. yea fee,how f}iffe he requires him to be in that cafe: Let them turne to t bee, turn not thou to them. The Apoftle tels vs of a dangerous difcale in the Bares of men :ltis the q itching of the care: irhath this proper- q Tim. +3, tic; it cannot endure wholefome Doefrine, but vaine, triuiall, fabulous things it delights to be tickled withal!. God forbid, any faithful! Pallor fhould tickle it. Salt is better for it,then Oyle: though it be more byting, it is . much more foucraigne. Auditors,rhey fay., will not profit by our Minif ery. Odiecef. Firfl, A Minifters duty is this; to doe that God pre- An fcribes,without difkruftfull care ofthe iffue. Secondly,Haue we not feene the power of the Word, fo farre changing the temper of the heart, that it bath made of enemies friends?how many haue come to hear, as the Pharifes our Sauiour, to intangle him in his Do- flrine,who yet hauegoneaway relenting: and whofe falua- tion is more hopeleflè then that offcoffers? Vet haue wee feene them fuddenly brought r upon rheirknees.Truth is,. Gods Word needs not helpe of humane policies `A`g..13 37. Thirdly,Heare what Gods Spirit,vpon like occauion, . anfwers to his Seruant Iohn. It feemes he was troubled with fome fuch doubt ; little hope there appeared of good to come by publifhing the booke;yet is his charge, f not to Peale the Boole; though he that is filthy nil be filthy,rr (fill;yet will t be righteous encreafé in righteoufitef f'e. Lafl;ly,by this, you heare to be a fault in the Minifter, you of the people may take notice of like faults in your fames, force few palpable in this kind amógfl thepeople. (hall be noted. Two forts of men we find faulty in this kind: the firfi are,in truth fluke Atheifts,vngodly men, their difpof Lion fuch,as the Poets fable oftheir Proteus, chan-