Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

122 CHAP.x. AnExportion vim; the All Vsa.g,. changing h im; elfe into all (napes; fo there fa (Ilion them. felues to all manners & all companies,rhat by all meanes they may get aduanrage by all men. Amongft Saints, they can Saint it; and amongft Deuils,play the.deuilsin- carnate.Come they amongft men reltious,their fpeecb, geftures, all things hall pretend Religion : Are they lotted with profane perlons? to them al fo they fuit their manners. And it is a world to fee how they pleafe them - felues in this man- pleafing cariage, and thinke them - felues greateft Politicians, the on ly wire amongft men: what thinke wee are thefe,but ftarke Atheif }s, without God in this world ? t monflroras fountains they are, fáirh lames,rhar out ofone hole, fend forth bitter water and fineet monftrous mouthes, out of which comes blejingand cur - f3ng: withtl? efame mouth bleffe they God ,andcurfeman made after the finsilitudeof God : nay God himfelfe, in whole Image they were created, and they are monfters amongft men, that are thus variably fuited to all mens manners. A lecond fort are our peaceable,citiill, honeft men,as they would be rermed;whofe chiefe Rudy is to haue the good will , and goodword of all men, their glorie in contentions euen for Gods caufe fo to cary themf Blues, that they dilplcafe neither fide. The worft men,faid the Hearhen,are Neuters in contentions : worft,faith Gods Spirit,u are the ln warme,neither hot nor cold: And,faith our Sau'our,in cafe ofconfefíìon, he that is not with me, iragainflme, he that gathereth not with me, fcatterech abroad.°* The next thing here deferuing our notice,is the Anti- c-114s betwixt the two, God and mani pleafsngmen, and pleafin- God, as if he thought them to be incompatible; and were of opinion, that a man defiring to pleafe men, could not pleafe God: and certainly it is a truth, being ex- pounded as afore. Leta mart pleafecarnall men,he can not butdifpleafe God Lev a man recite to pleafe God, hee