Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A Pao Epiftle to the Theffaloniazss. V s R. 4. 133 he cannot but dilpleafe men ; that, as our Sauiour raid, ye cannot fettle God4nd Mammon; fo may wee lay, yee cannot plcafe God and men. That this fèeme no aradoxe,con1dcr the great con- trariety betwixt corrupted nature and Gods pure Maie- the; light and darkneife,good and euill: or,if there be a- ny things that haue greater repugnancy, are not more contrariant,then Gods nature and carnall man : fee, if you will,the things proceeding from God to man,cary- ing ftampe of his purities and iudge, whether there bee not naturali enmirre i a mans nature againft them. Fü fl, the Y. Law of God isholyouliand good; pure as the Law -gi- y Rom.7.12 'tier : the rinfedorneoftheflefh .isenmicievetoit.Secondly, am. 8.7. the Spirit and Grace of God ; war greater contrarietie then twixt it and the fle(}a ? when they meet in -one per - fon,greater dtfcord arifèth,then that Chrif't Speaks of be- twixt a man and his fon, euen betwixt a a man and him- a Gal.5.17. (elfe: thér is nothing that a defireth or doth, butGod difhk es; nothing that God prescribes, but flefh detefieth. Let God forbid fin , fie.lh becomes .1:9 b much the -b Rov.7.r3, mere fnfxll: let him enioyne a good duty; euen for the Comrnandement,carnalitie more abhorres it. I t fheweth,and teacheth vs to bewaile the fearfull de- prauation of our nature by the fall of Adam. Can no- thing plcafe vs that plcalè0h God ?oh brcthren,thtis was it nor from the beginning;thereonce was filch likeneffe twixt God -and v,,that what he liked we approued,w'hat he hated we detefted ;now behold nature to farce depra- ued, that it is growne dire etly repugnant to the Nature and Will of God, infoirmch that hcecannot pleate God that will *ale men; and a man that will glue content- ment ro his own carnaliry,difpealeth presently the Ma- irfi:ieofGod, And let it teach vs,as ro bewaile this fear full deprauarion, fo to mortifie our earthly members,. and to beware he v wee die] ifh and glue contentment. rofenSàalitie, left wee yet further encreale the entnitie betwixt God and vs. Second-