Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

'`%iäiiïtillw:a,,..`dSe 124 C H A P.Z. .4n Expafition Ilan the fir" V n R. 4. Seca idly,fee we,how foolithly men pleafe rhemfelues in this,thar they fo demeane themfelues, as to pleafe all, euen carnal! men. A great thing to thanke God on,q.d. they thank God for this, that tI ydifpleafeGod, and lacke their ëuidence of his fauour.In finch mens pleating cariage one of thefe two, I dare fay,ts incurred. 1~irf}, either running with them to the fame excelle of ryor, Celfethey !peaks mill. Secondly, o*.forbearing all whole - fome admonitions and drebukes prefcribed: feparate thy felfe from their corrupt conuerfation, giue thy felfe to doe what is pleating in the tight ofGod, hadft thou the wifedome of Men and Angels,thou canff not but be di1= pleating to carnali men. Lastly, ceafe hence to wonder at that caufeletíewrath riling in carnali men againfi Gods children:therealon is euidenr, when Iebofhaphat asked of Achab, whether there were no other Prophet by whom ro enquire ofthe mouth of the Lord? Yes,faith Achab, one there is, Mi. caiahby name, and wee may by him inquire of the Lord, he is likely to giue vs as good refolution as any of the refl,butt I hate him : why ? heprophecieth not good tome, but mill : hee dealt as a Minifter defiring to pleafe God. What wonder,if to Achab a carnal! man, his miniflery and per fon was fo hateful!? Not aspleating men, but Cody So then, the main ayme ofaMiner ,ofeueryChr:ianfhouldbee this ; fo to walk/ that he maypleafe God,and be approued of him. Sec I.Tbef. 4.1.Col.I.Io. aCar.f.I I. His reafon (me thinks)is binding,we mull all appeare be- fore the Iudgement feat of Chriff : a motiue, that thould preuaile euen with vilef} mein :pleafe that Iudge at whofe bar thou mutt one day hand, to be quit or condemned, according as thy'perfon and af}ions !hall pleafe or dif- pleafe him:we pity the folly,and madnetfe of that male - fat or, that ftanding at the mercy of the Iudge for life or death, according as his after - cariage thall plcafe or diff. CIPet 44. dEpbcf.sIa. i