Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P.2. Epißle to the 7- beffa1Onians. VER A.. i 25 I dilpleafe him,wiJl rather eaafperate him,tlicn leek by all pleating meanes to make him fauourable ; fuch is our cafe; we all are culpable before Cod, and lyable to con- demnation, at his mercy we hand to be either fàued or damned: his delire is but this, that for the remainder of our life,we fo demeane our fettles in holinefJe and fears, that wee may pleafe him ; whcm fliou`dnot this reafon perfwade ?Let vs all labour to to fettle him,that we may be pleating & acceptable before him in Chrifl. Things req flake hereto, Come concerne the Rate of ourperlons, fume the matter of our anions, force the manner of per- formance. For the &fî: two things there are that make our per - lons and anions difpleafingg vnro God : Firfl, faithleiTe- nelle: Secondly, ficLhlinclTe. Of Henoch there ryas report before his tranflation, that he 'leafed God; by good conic- (pence itfollowes in 'Paw diuinirie, that therefore He. noch had faith in Chrift, inafmuch as without faithit is imp of bl: topleafe god. The reafon is plaine,becaufe all the faithlefre mans anions, whiles he is fuch, are cenfi.- rable acording to termes of the Law, wherein the !call blemifh or imperfet?ion adiudgeth the performer to condemnation : here is the priuiiege of the Beleeucr, his obi dience done in weaknelTe,fo be it in finceritie, is . litre to find ac cep -ance with God, for Chrifhhis fake, to whom Faith' knits vs, and whole pertenions ir giues vs inter& vitro. A fecond thing,in the perfon, making anions vnplea- fing to God,ir flefblin fe: They that are in g the flefb,cannot g Rfm.$,8. pleafe god, all things iauouring fly fh, are !linking in the noi'rils of God, cucn our belt ottions that hauerellifh thereof: this the rea fon,why chore verruous anions of Heathens, were in them fo abominable, becaufe their perlons were faithlciTh, and flelhly; God approues his ©wne works in vs. Secondly, for rhematter of our aflions,they mullbe filch