Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

741F_rltett: i26 h Rozo. t s. 1. iHch, r 2,z8,zg k ¡Pi. 66. z. C H A P2 Expo fit ie.nvpon the frfl VSfl.4.. fisch as haue warrant from the Word ocGod; prone what is acceptable veto God, and hwhat the good and acceptable rod of God ss. W hatfoeuer is contrariant to his will, that is grofly a finne;whatfoeuer is added to his will,or but bel tides ir,that ello abominable. In manner ofour tèruice that it may bee acceptable, two things are requiere. . Firfl, that it be tendred to our God ' in reuerence and feare. Let cue ;yaEt offe; nice don, *ntoGod,caryarel. lifh of awe and dread of that endletTe Maieflic. Thinke when thou commtil to hare, how gr,:at a God that is, in whole pretence thou tlandefl;whofe Word thou hea- refl; a God that is in his wrath a confuwing fire, and learne,as I(ay, k to tremble at his Wórd,&c. Secondly, In fincerity and Gnglencffeof hearc,as vnro the Lord, that pondreth the hearts:wl ich is with God a thing fo much let by, that he efleemes it as perfc lion. And of Pods behauiourthus E,r.1 is snottues foi'ow. Firfi,Mcditation of the great fauou. God had! vouch - fafed him,in crafting bins with the Clef!. Secondly, Conliderarion or God, O ^ni- fcience, and power to di fame hearts. . In the firfl, conederable are Firtl,The cffeE} that meditation had in the Apofile, Secondly, The fauour it fae. It made him carefull to pleafe God. So workes the meditation ef Gods fatsonrs in 4 graciont dt/frofeion, fe ought it to doe in all men, that they become carefull to pleale God. Compare,` 9m, t z. r.Dent 7.7,8, t). John z 40 4 Luke 7.47. Morefpecially thus conceiue; the fpecialtieof Godr fa- vour in tra fliv him with his greate0 treafire,was it that chiefly prcuailed. The preferment God gines any ofvs in his fitatour, ought fpecial y to perfwade obedience and care to pleafe Ged. f-1 e had dealt with lfraell fo as with so other Nation,they of all o- thers