Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C t3 A P.2. Epifille to the T heffalonianr. V a x.4. thers fhould therefore bee excited to prkyfe him and line ro his gloiy, more mercifully with vs, faid Mofis then With our 12 Fathers; its making this Coxenant with vs; fo zit) ch.inore fhould we thinke our felues obliged to obe- dience. See alfo L W t.I 3. The more odious is the turning of Gods grace it co wantonnetTe, the abufe of his patience to fecuririe, his mercie to prefumption ; his loue ro licenticufhefTe; yea, thefauour of fauours, Chrii s dca :h is made occafon of the vilefi abominations. So did notDareid,nur fò Paul, they haue Ieaft (hare in Gods fauours, that thus abufe them to licenrioufneire. Our dutie it (hall bee, for our better excitement to cheerefulnetfe in Gods Seruice, to take notice of the fpecialty of his fanour and loving kindnetTe towards vs. There is not,nor can beto Gods Children a greater pro- vocation ro faitbfulneiie in his Seruice :nor is any thing in ( xperience a greater clogge to our hearts in holy du- ties, then that vnwife and envious calling our eyes on others preferments in Gods mercy, with neglea of our owne, while every man thinks God bath done more for others,then for him. It is good in this cafe to Tooke downewards; and tee how many are behinde vs in the fauours ofGod. And here haue we a large field of com- parifon to walke in, there fcarcc being any but may fay, infome thing or other God bathgiuen hire preheminence a- bone many others. Compare thy felfe as a man with other creatures : as a Chriflianwith other men; as a fin - cere Chriti;an with Hypocrite: as such a Chriftian, fiip- pote a Magif}rate or Minifler,with other Chrillians. It wasdinGods power to bane made thee a beafl, bee bath honoured thee fc4 fan e,as to make thee a man, to ftampc thee with his owne Image; bee might hate left thee as thoufand others without God, without Chrifl,withotft hope in this World: he bath made thee amemberolhis Church: pe, baps a lively memberof.his Sonnes Bodie, duick- I3 7 tri DM, j'al.