Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

.%\. : e RA : ri,ni6U.` 4 ö ace wFL < iär! `, 128 C H A P.Z. An Explition vpon the fini V g R. 4, n s I(iag. to. 16230331. quickrìcd with his Spirit; a fauour denyed to many in the Church. Perhaps a M.nifier, his inftrumenr and co- worker to the f àuing of his people. Thus if wee could carefully obferue thefpecialtie we haue in Gods fauour; how Ihould our hearts be enlarged co thankfulnelre and. 1idellity in his Seruice Laftly,let vs on this occafion enquire, how the medi- tation of Gods fauours workes on vs. And fo much the rather : Becaufc Firfi, Herein depends no ('mall difference twixt Gods Childe,and an Hypocrite; and Secondly,the motiucs to obedience are the things that fpecially forme and determine our obedience to accep_ tation,or otherwife. The workes of obedience in any calling,may bee performed by an Hypocrite. From the workes therefore no man can firmly conclude the fince- ritie of his heart; from the marines bec may, and from none other more frrmely,then this; that the experience and meditation of Gods loue excites vs. Thou may(} name the Hypocrite, whole workes, for their out -fide, haue beene as glorious, as thole of Gods Saints; An Hypocrite, that from this ground bath donc a good du- tie, thou (halt not find amongft the tenne thoufands of Ditremblers. It is raid of /ehu, hedid what God con eandediao(e- flroyiag Baal bis9'rieflt, Achabs po/?eritie; his marines were, partly routine glory; partly, defire tofettle the King - dome vpon his owns Pefa eritie. Wherefore, though bec had leene Gods hand on lertbomn for his idolatry, yet vpon the fame polirike ground, he continues the Gnne. The fauour it telfe followeth : He wan 4pproued of God,f6 farrc as to bee entru/led with the Gof'pell, obferueirasa compendium of the howler and office era Minger : God irtphi,nwith the Gofpell, the greatett treafure of-the Church. An honour often celebrated by the Apoftle, çal,t.r7.Tir,I.3. ¡Tim.6.zo.zTim.z,rg, I Cor.9 The