Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

low C H A P.2. E piftle to the the ff alosians. V a K.4. The parrs of this truft are, Firft, làfe cuftodie, care to prelerue it from adulterating by Heretikes, &c. Tim.G. to, z Tim.t. r4 Gal, z. Secondly faithful' difpenfátion, Tit. I.3.1 Cor. 9. Ir is a pretty inference Sssbout bath hence,incerpre- ring than ferua depoftum enioyned to Timor/tie, i rim 6. zo. `Difcimass ex hoclace, &c. wee learne from this place, that in 'Paul; time the myfleries of Religion were not ,depol:d with the vulg es, but with the Bifhops of the h u rch, plebi id tantum fciendum ejt, quod ad mores formn- dos,& ad vitam pertinet : yet the Apolle bides charge to 'rhe whole Church, is, too ftrine earnrffly for maintenance of the Faith. And Peter will haue cuery man able, rci P make Apologie for his hope. But I anf wer : In relpef} of publike difpienfation, and fpecialcy of care to keepe it pure from deprauation, ir is Minifters priuiledgeto be entrufted with the Gofpel,in refpeft of knowing,6eleening, maintasning,cuen with dea- r.1 blood: It is committed to all,& eueryofthe Church of God: the difpenfation is ours, that is our honour, the . beliefe arid derencc of the Gofpell b.longs to all , cuen themeanei} amongft the vulgur. Firl },thusbettermay Minigers vrethemeditation, as a helpe ro digeft the indignities they fuffer from carnall men,and that bale ef}eerne their perlons and calling are li:bie£ì vrito. Euen our lot it is that was the Apot}les, co be counted the 9 sl¿ramme and off: skowringof the world: the very criling wee haue oft caft as dilgrace, into our faces; and re f roch they think they haue done vs fùfhc i- enr,when they vpbraid vs with the Priefthood,though by that PrieftLood,they bane their Cbri flendome,honor of their birth,yea laluation of their foules, and were with- out it but as Pagans, Bajtardr, no better then %efTeIlrof wrath; by it they are initiated into Chrift,by it is their mariage confecrated,and that bed made undefiled : by ir, if they haue any grace that accompanies faluation,by K it