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13 2. r i Cor. 4. 1. fGen.:7.i. c i chr®n, 28 .9. C H A 11.2. An Expolition 71p0n the ftrf f V P R.4, it they reciue it; without ir,ordinarily no fpiriruall gift that feales them to the day of Redemption. Our Wire- dome it (hall be to thinke as barely of men, thus chafing vs,and to know our felues; efteeming our felues, not ac.: cording to the opinion of men, but accoidmg to that c- aimare the Lord holds of vs : two ofthe prt clout eft Ie- wels in the eyes of the Loord, hee hath trotted vs with- all : Ertl, the Gofpell of his Sonne : Secondly, the (Conies of his people; what infamie ( hould not that thought digeft e Secondly,our care mull be to difcharge the troll God hath repofed in vs: Firft,manfully oppofing whofoeuer (hall attempt to adulterate this Gofpell. Secondly, as carefully diipenGng this creature; thefe myfleries com- mitted to vs,as to the Lords r Stewards. His fecond motiue followes;the confederation of that propertie oflebouah, to try the hearts. The feñfe is di- uerfly conceiued, metenjmical/y fotnethinke themeane put for the end; tryall of hearts, for knowledge oft hem refuking from tryall.That fenfe (landing affoords vs this point of notice : the meditation of Gods omnifeience, his power to difcerne the heart, ù no (mall helpe,and indiscement tofincerity. Therefore when the Lord pretcribes to A- brahani to be vpriiht, hee addes direflion ro this meane, fWalke beforeme : and Datdid In that Lit charge to Salo- mon, to ferue God witha perfeE7 heart; prelcribeth this meane or motiue : t The Lord parcheth all hearts, and vn- derflandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts. See alto Pfal.i39.adverf 18. As th echieseFounraineofhypo crifle is either ignorance,or not conGderarion of this di- uine propertie; fo a principali motiue to fincet toe is the perfwafion and lèrious thought of it. As many of vs as cali vpon the Name of the LORD, and delire to depart from . his iv ynitie of hypocrite, this let vs meditate; To the eyes of. that Godwithwhom wee ltaue to deale, all things arenaked, and vncouered, the