Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

I CH AP. I. Einfile to the Theffadonians, V ER. Z. Zianerxm h ereticorurn prafumptionem perniciemgteedefendi. Patres allege, ron tangtezm principium probandi dogmata Ecelefia, nec tanyuamIudices; fsd vt tef es duntaxat confers fui in doilrinoi interpretation Script air arum : vtft ex ~is verbiaq:sodfentio dice, quij iam non afequatur,exPatrum verbis enteNigett. The perlons to whom the Epiflle is direfl;ed, are next intimated and defcribed, To the Church of the Thetfa- Ionians. The City, whence the inhabitants haue their name, is famoufy knowne to haue beene the Metropolis or Mother-City ofMacedonia,anciently called Thermz, new-built by Philip King of Macedonie, after his con- vet} of Thelialie; for Monument of which Vic`1ory, it was fo reedified ánd enlarged, and obtained that name : Euen now a famous Emporie for Indian Merchandi fe ,but Maginua ii fubieft to the Dominion and Idolatry of Turkel, known Geogaph. by the name ofSaloniki. In this Citie,God was pleafed by the Miniftery ofPaul and SihaA,to collet} a Church; the Hi brie fee ,Alf. 17. noting the Tumults railed agaínf} them by the 'ewes: I fuch,that Patel was forced, for fafetie of his perron, to flye tom Bel æa; and the Saints that game him entertain- rn Alls 17. Xe. ment, efpecially n Iafon, frarce found fecurity in their n Verses. owne houles; yet there God pleated to colleft him a' Church, So true is it, That where God will gather him a Church, ' Obieer. no oppofition of Men, er Dewills,can hinder it : Yea,oft Ex- perience hash Mewed; where haue beetle moll violent Oppofrions,Gods Word hath moll mightily grown and ' preuailed. At E helirs, what Tumults were rayfed by ° Demetrius , and the Crafts -men? yet a more worthy 0/tai 19; 23, Church wee fearce finde amongí} them of Afla. The 24,15, eac. Apoille mentioning it by occafion,fayth, There mu ope- ned P a great Doore, and etfetfnall; great occafion of do. pi ter.16.9. ing much good, brat many aduerfaries. Like read *ee of q Corinth, Yea, in the Court of Nero, vnder the note of g4as 18.16. B 3 that 1 Potan. Prsfat, in Bolen'''.