Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP.z. Epif ie to the Theff aóonidns. V a it.4. the fecreteft thoughts, and intentions of the heart not excepted. Reason accorded by experience,will éafily conuince vs of it; his word, in mouches of men of our owne mould, how diues it into the bofotnes of the hearers : « difplay- ing the fecretelt thoughts andinclinations of the heart, in inch fort,that,as the King or Syria,fo the people thinke, we haue our carry-tales,and almeft Familiars to acquaint vs with their privateaElions &lpeeches:wlaich,though in their aCionsthey might hate lone occafion to think; yet how of theic thoughts ?whereof God only and their hearts are witnefre: f.y thus rather,God is in vs of a truth. oc the In} pirerofthis word is truly ,ci,Qdtoyre,-- , when the word, that comes from him, hash f uch power to fearch out and manifeft lecrers. Secondly, a creature of God we haue all in our bo- fotnes the faculty of confcience witneffìn, our fecreteit thoughts, intendments, pus poles ; if his X creature baue this power, much more the Maker of it. Compare Pfal. 94 -',9 to,ir. What rernaines for vs,but to meditate ferioufly, and often,rhis properrieofour G O IN This, if any thing, baniíhech hypocrite. This thinke,God before whom J (land, fees as well my rnotiues , as my deeds ; mine in- tentions, as mine actions; as well what I thinke, as what I doe ; can pierce through the vizzar of formali- rie, Peeing lace vnder,landeth the thoughts (feign, and their vanitie. There is a second expotrion thus: God tryeth hearts, th at is, in his iudgement,exami:acs,not fo much the a lc ions,as the of eElions;notonly what is done,but with what mindsgood duties are performed : f o that it fufficeth not at that day, that our aftions haue beene regular, except our hearts alit) haue beene vpright in performance. Ir is naturali to euery man, as Salomon intimates, ro be well conceited oftheir courfes, efpecially when they know their aeti,- K t. ons, 131 u t con' cub Z5. x t loff,;, io, Ns.