Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

ît ,Y6:ii'.J'r'ái:ikwv:'s, rfq, y Pro. 16. b. z z C bron. s ç.s. C H Ap.2. rltt Expefition vpon the ftrfi VER,4.1 ons filch as are enioyned , but the Y Lord pondereth the hearts, weighes with what mitades and affeaions euen bell aftions are performed. The heft af}ions done without accord of the heart, are lthfome vnto God. Euer obferue it to come in as a diminuent ternie to good performances, that the heart was not vpright. : Amaziah did that which was right in the fight ofthe Lord, but not with a perfeti heart. If rad turned vnto God, their af}ions were amended, but faysed y; their heartshung }}ill after their abotnr -- nations : on the other fide imperfeltions many are wing a t Xing" fr4 kedat, where the heart is vprig`rt with God, a Afa left the hi h placer ffandin, , neuerthelelTe his heart VMS vprígktbefore God, therefore is he enrolled amongft the righteous. To fay in a word, for want of vprighrneiTe wee (hall , obferue, the Lord reproving what bee had comman- ded; dimming, what he had enioined,yea puni(hing, what he had rewarded. lehu ` had his command to deffroy Achah.r poileritie; the Mandate hee obf rueth ro the vtmoft title; that obedience G O D rewards with the Kingdomes cantina. ancein his pof critie vnto four Generations; yet threw ens the LORD C to vift that blood of Achab vpon the boufe of ie'.:u : for what cause? his heart was not vpright in performance, ayming not fo much at doing the Will ofGod, as to fettle the Kingdotne, in morepeace,to his ovine polleririe. Our care 1er it be vpon this ground,as to prouide our at-dons hold currant with the rule of the Word ofGod, fo that our hearts be vpright in performance, for GO D (hall one day bring not our atlions onely, but our hearts ro tryall. BletTed (hall hee bee at that day, that can fay as Heztkah, Thou knowefi, Lord, that l haue done what wargoodirttbyJight: mad d walked before thee in Truth, and b.s I(,ing.te.3o. cHofb.t.4. d ffai. 38.3.