Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Cni.z. Ppillle to the Theffitionians. V un4.' 133 and with an pright heart. I dare fay of that mans afti- ns, how full foeuer of other itaperfeetions, for fince- &le fake they (hall be accepted and rewarded. And wo to that Hypoctite,Whofe works Iliac beene outwardly glorious and his inWards full of hypocrifie, and mulation.Haft thou preached Chrift ? the worke is glo- rious : yet if as thofe Paul mentions, e not fine-ere 1 ,thY e 'Phil. 1.16. filfè Mayen be f a Callaway. Haft thou giuen Almes, c cer. 9.27. built Churches, Hcfpirals, done cl:e great,. ft amongft good wo:kes? and Irith it beene Pharifaically onCy, to bee prayfed of men ? thole bar thy reward. But more dictated 'Eh all be the pobre Widower mite, giuen out of a co.-21ftionate affeetion to the poore members of Chrift, then thoufands of gold and filutr vainc glorioufly be- itovved. The old rule is, non quantum, but ex quanta: not what Or howmuch, but with what henr,with now much good affeaion thou gineft is refpeaed. I could with that in thef dayes of complement and formalitie, this one little peecc of Gods Truthoight be as frontiers between our ejes. I know not how it comes to paffe, formality is now Co growne into fa(hion, that a Minifter requiring any more then it in duties of picric, incurres cenfure of tirianeffe more then is meete. A nd our pcople,as Lewes, conceit ticworkedoncofdurics atioyned, g binds the g ffei. 58.3; Lord to recompence,and highefi reward. Fooles and blind as ifthe Lord were as man iudging only after outward! appearance.The Lord pondereth the Spirits, try ah the hearts, h detefis allfacrificcs of wockedmen,much more when Tro. 1147. thej are brought-with a wicked mind. K 3 11 111111Milwroar t. 1 e