Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

134 1 C a A1).a Expcftion vpoo thefirf VPR.5.6. VERs.5.6. For, neither at any time vied we flattering words, ae yee know, nor a cloke of cotetoufnef fe : God le witnefe. Nor of-men fought we glory , neither of yos nor yet of others, when we might bane beetle burden /once ote the Apefilesof Chrifl. ` e$ H e Apoftle proceeds in auouchment of his fincerity, rcmouing from himfelfe three ocher properties of falfe - heaved tiers. Firft, Flatterie, Secondly, Cone: toufnelíe. Thirdly, Vaine-glorioufnelfe, as force interpret. The two flrt },he,Firil,auoucheth to be farce fro i; is courfes.Sccond y,andforflatrery,appealestothe . ple aswitnefTes, of his abhorrence from it; from colour of couetoufneffe, God, bee afi mes,asatruewitnet %can free him : fo that in the words are two things : Fi; ft,his Proteflation. Secondly,theConfirmation. Flattering fpeech v'ndert }and,fuch as is fitted to pleafe the carnali and corrupt humors of men ; or as a learned Interpreter deferibcs :. Speech fitted to the will and hu- mours of others, for our owne aduanrage; as when with inch intention we, firft, eithcrafcribe them coedthings, which they haue not; or, féeondly, applaud their mills as goodnere3. or, thirdi ,amplifc their. goodpart about their merit; or, foilrchly, extenuate their cuill more then is mecte : the prodigall,ir calls liberali : the couctous,good husbands: railing is, in the!}ile of flatter y, affábility,ob- f}inacie,conftancie,very (loth ftayednefre,,and maturi:je of judgement. Enormitiés,are infirmities; neuer fo little moralitie,puritie not leffc then Angelical!. How farre it flould be franc a (Mini fien the woe in Efir denounced againft flatterie., abundantly proues : how .croiTeth it the end of the Miniftry ? k hardning the wic- kedit in their lewdnelíe,that they cannot return from their etili