Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP.2. EpJ11e to the7heffalattians. V E R.5.6. i euill wayes? and to expofing them to the wrath ofGod. It is well obierued by Plutarch, ro haue beetle the ruine of moil Stares: for/fraeland Judah, I know well the flat- tery offalfe prophets is as oft as any thing accuféd, as caufe oftheir captiui tie. And if any thing proue the ouerthrow of this King - dotne,ir is iufily feared,it will be this oFflartery in Mini - llers. It is not lb much the committing oftinnes, that prouokes Gods wrath, as obflinate continuance therein, ofrenettoccafioned by flattery: men haue taught their tongues to fpeake placentia, and not to Court oncly,but cues to Counrrey; Asnos his words feeme I ouer- foeauie, their finites are generally Browne Poh"), s fes, and mens cares arc taynted with that Grangrene, their tongues crying our to euery one, pointing finger towards them, ?"y.te. Noli me tangere. It is magna ira `Dei (laid Augu(line) vt deft correTho,& adfst adulatio: lisch tongues bind men to their finnes : deleetat enim facere, in qusbus nonfoliem non metuitur reprehenfor, red !widow operator: this wrath of God is iuffly come vpon vs. The in tengues of Proph ers cleaue to their roofes, and thg are not to the people as men that reproue,becaufc they are rebellious, and the Lord pur- poferh to dttroy th ern The complaint of Hiererue I can- m Evk. 34,6. Eileen. ad te- nor omit.fn muftis ifle maxim tempore revisit hoc vitium : /ant. deinftitut. guodg; eft grauiffim em, humilitatis ac beneuolentia loco du- citur; Eo fit, vs pi adulari nefcit,aur inutdue,aut fxper6us putetur. Matrnfamll, The properties of flatterers fee, and flie from them. Firfl, tL ey will bee fure, obferuing humours, to fit their fpeech to pleare, fearing to ofFcnd there where is hope of adnantage : they fècke placentia,not fahabria,was Iere. mies obferuatíon. Secondly,their difpofitionballely feruile, as humours varie in th. flarcered,fofpeechesinthefé Para(tes.ltight Cameleons,làit h 'Plutarch of them;or as Proteua turning rhemfelues into all ()tapes and colours. K 4 Thirdly,