Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

7°.- .'pp ilR9 Iw .. , R.uN .:w , J 0 i36 n at='z.3 s. o Tim.6 rr. An,br of. ad lotti. il p Mat.23 t o. q Matai.8 . r r I(in1. sr. DO 3. f Ifai.3,g. C N A P.2. Expo°ition von the firft V a R.5. 6. Thirdly, hope of aduantage ceafing, none are found more bitterly inuef? iue: He that Puts not into their mouths, they " prepare warre againfl him. A fecond vice difclaimed by theApoflle,is Couetouf- neffe : the nature and kinds ofit,fee largely in Annot;Rd Rom i. how ill it befèetnes a Minif}er, Pak/taught his rimothie, prefcribing meanes to auoyd ir, o Py mating rightuaufne f fe our treat irre. The cloke or pretence of coueroufneflre, what is it? The colours ofholinelfe, pietie,or other vertue vfually pretended by men ofcouetous difpoftrion to make way to their gayne; vt fit genitiuus efcientt .; Ambrofe, Ex corde fsciebat non in hrpocréfi, gssa f contemners pauca, vt fort' plum a ferentur. Foulefi(inner haue ofttimes fayreff pretences r oppreflï- on of widowes, Pltarifes conueyed vnder s' colour of long prayers. Herods crudl intention, cloked with pretence q of do- ing homage to Chris¢. The murther of Naboth, ma: kr vnder thew of r ius/lica, 1 againfl blailbemy. Golsab i,ts (word lyes hid in an Ephcd ; no f vord to Goliahs, no crueltie to an Hypocrite, yet lu,kes that fword in a holy garment ; this crueltie cloked with pre - tence ofgreatefi dtuorion. The feareful! Gnne of el,cfe times, as that Bernard plaints of,not fo much colore virtutes,but to colour v is quodam qual minio virtutum. Complexion make] s wee haue, nor oncly for withered faces of ouer-worne Iii but for vgliell and me ft deformed (innes, to glue them countenance ofvertu,s. . Sinners, 1 confeffe, wee haue of all rankes,defperare and forclorne natures that ].declare their runes, as Sodom, and hide them not, in whom light ofnature,and all, men naturall confcience feemes vtterly extinE3. Orhers,ofas vile affe &ions and praftice, but men of more cleanely con - r: s. ,.