Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

\ H A P. Z . Epif le to the Theffalonian. V R R.5.6. 137 conucyance, that haue learnd this art of coloeri°rg, and making clokes for finne. Murther amongft Duel ills, is Riled manhood; the Adulterer thinkes his Lull, Loure; the Drunkard, his Ryot, good Fellowthip; Proud Mini- ons terme their Pride, MandfomenefTe, or Cleanlinetle, or Fatlrion, or Adorning of their Calling. Learne we of Paul, t to cafl away thefe clokes of fhame, t: cor,4,:. and in fnceritie,as in thefight of God, fo to demean onrfelnes: weighing, Flríl',Mow iuftly the finne is fo much more odious in Gods fight, by how much more holy colour it is difgui- fed withal!, vnder colour of long Prayer, they deamure Wi- dewes bottles," therefore 'ball receive the greater damnation. 43 Mats ;.1o4 Secondly, Though colouring may fcrue vs for aduan- rage amongfi in a: yet to hn eyes, with whomwee bane to deale,all things are naked and vncouered; It is not presences will dead vs at that day,when God thall x enlighten things x a Cot, 4.5. tbidden in darker e fe. Thirdly, nor can d,ey flop the mouth of Confcience, when God (hall pleale by Iudgement to wake it And what auailcs it, my Brethren, if we haue men to applaud vs,when our owne hearts condemn vs? Fourthly, The guts of f itch colouring haue oft been, impudeney and rernorcelefnetfe in finning. By degrees Inch crites lofe all Confciencc, and lenfe of Gnne; till at length they grow butragious in abominable ini- quities. The conflAnation followes.Of freedome from flatterie, . he makes the people witneiles:fromcouetous intentions, God is appealed vnto for record. The lawfulnAT'e of Oaths, as well voluntary as impo- fed might here be oblerued egainft Anahaptiils; but that it Lath already been treated on like occalon; and our people hail: generally íwarued to the other extreme. The ancient companions of Oaths, as they are called, we mull i emember to take with vs. Firtî,Truth. Goe to Hea- w