Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

138 C x Ap.2. An Expojî ftion vpon the rfl V g R. 5.6 Heauen for a witueire of vncrurh, thou (halt bee Cure to finde there a beanie Auenger of periury, and falle y'eh.8.44- fwearing.YLyingie of ehe°Deuill;forlvearing of the Prince of Deuils. Sccondly,That is necelral y, but not f'uisicient. Phari- fes glotTe indeed was finch, it w,is enough not to forfweare. Our Sauiour the Law- giuer, and bet} interpreter of the z Mat.S.33,34. Law, addes more; z Sweare not vain y, or vnnecctlárily: a rer.4. z. but with aiudgement. Fitt }, As fome interpret, viing thy belt difcretion to difcern circumfianccs,whether they be fuch as may war- rant an Oath unto thee; as firfi, whether what thou a- uowefi, bee offuch weight, as deferues Co great confir- mation. Ir is not fafe to play with Saints: much leiTe with the Name of the fearefull God. Secondly, Whether, the truth,being weigh tie and of importance,may not by fome ocher mcane be difcouered. Truths auouchable by Oath,arc truths qucfiionable,and b Heb. 6, t6, b in controuerfse. Thefe in Oaths offertory : betides thefe, in thofe they call promilTory; Iuftice is required : for Oath: may not bee bondr of iniquity. The third vice Paul remooues from him is, as molt conceiue it, vaineglorieuf- nebe: we will giue way a little to common errour;and on this occaf on inquire, whether to feeke praife from men,6ee f,mp y finfuil? The Hcathen were fo farre from condem- ning ir,that they defined by all mcanes to cherifh the loue *Aug. de ciait, ofglory, - infomuch that it is amongfi Tidies Rules for Dei,l6.5.c.13. inikicurionof Princes, tenourifh, and, ruitwerefeedthem with Prayfe. Simon:des in Xenophon, makes it one fpeciall difference betwixt men and bruits;that men are touched and affe led with prayfc.Yea,the Apof`ile feernes to whet vs on to vertuous and holy praCtice, by the argument of prayfc. Say Schools- Moralifis in refolution of this QK4re;not to feeke prayfefrom mcn,but to feeke vainepraife is vn- lawfull. That vanitie they thus limit out : Firfi,