Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C u A P.2. EpifIle to the Theffálonians. VER.5.6. Fit (},When the thing for which we feeke prayle, is not in vs, or not praile- wcrthy. Secondly, When the perlons whore commendation wee defire to heal core of partial! or vncercaine iudge- ment. Thirdly, When the fame or good opinion wee de- fire to Winne from men, is not referred to the glary of God. Truth is, this is warrantable, to doe things praife-wor- thy; and not to defpife the good opinion of Gods Chil- dren . Howbeit, to make that the maine ayme of our in- tention in well- doing, fauours f}rongly of vanitie and foolifb ambition: And fhould be farrc from a Minifcers, yea, from euery Chriftians.courfes. Firfl, It fauours ftrongly of Hypocrif:e. Secondly, Depriues of Gods ?reward. Thirdly, Iti,c repugnant to Humilitie, the comforta- blefi verrue that can be in a Chrifîian.Of Pride and Loue ofmansowne excellencie, * there are two kinder. Firfl, Cecafuperbia,blind Pride. Suppose when a man thinkes that good,and commendable, that is not; or ar- rogates that good heo bath not; or.afcribes the good hee bath, to himielfe, not to God. Secondly, the o:her is vaine Pride: a vice, faith Ber- nard, when a man,whetherfor that bee barb, or that he bath nor,dclights rather in praife ofhintfelfe,then in the praifc ofGod. Our dutie is to flyc from it; fo nauch the more careful- ly, becat fè it is a finnc fò naturall vntc, vs. Xenophon Paid truly, Nu /la/uauto-eft afrolitio,9uim laudrr;_; there is nothing wearenote delighted to heare,then our ovine praife.Falfe teachers are ggenerally noted ofit : fit- ting doarine and manner of deliucry to the humours of the peopl:, for this end, to be pr yfed ofthem.Tb ey law the poore people delighted with eloquence,and oftenta- rion of various Learning; accordingly they fittedrhem- felues